Journal: Stud. Inform. Univ.

Volume 9, Issue 3

3 -- 6Ider Tseveendorj, Igor Vasilyev. Preface: Baikal Conference on Optimization Methods and Their Applications
7 -- 10Elvira Yaskova, Oleg Khamisov. Professor Valerian P. Bulatov
11 -- 20Anton Anikin, Alexander Gornov. An implementation of Newton's method for Keating's potential optimization problems
21 -- 42Pasquale Avella, Maurizio Boccia, Saverio Salerno. A computational study of dicut reformulation for the Single Source Capacitated Facility Location problem
43 -- 64Marya Ershova, Oleg Khamisov. A modification of the ellipsoid method
65 -- 78Eduard Kh. Gimadi. On some Hard-to-Solve versions of the Assignment Problem
79 -- 90Eugeny Goncharov. A greedy heuristic approach for the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
91 -- 104Alexander Gornov, Irina Veyalko. A global search algorithm based on the Shepard operator for bang-bang optimal control problem
105 -- 124Saïd Hanafi, Claudio Sterle, Anton Ushakov, Igor Vasilyev. A parallel subgradient algorithm for Lagrangean dual function of the p-median problem
125 -- 134Genady Shevchenko. The Pontryagin maximum principle as an optimality criterion for a class of nonlinear control problems
135 -- 146Denis Sidorov. Volterra Equations of the First kind with Discontinuous Kernels in the Theory of Evolving Systems Control
147 -- 160Vladimir Srochko, Vladimir Antonik, Nadezhda Rozinova. Improvement of Extreme Controls in the Norm Maximization Problem on the Reachable Set
161 -- 175Maxim Zarodnyuk, Alexandre Keiko, Boris Kaganovich. Elaboration of Attainability Region Boundaries in The Model of Extreme Intermediate States

Volume 9, Issue 2

7 -- 18Mostafa Blidia, Ahmed Bouchou. On sequences (γk) and (βk) in regular graphs
19 -- 37Abdelmadjid Boukra, Sadek Bouroubi. Selection of views to materialize in data warehouse: A cooperative approach
38 -- 49Mohamed Amine Boutiche. Topology Control and Maintaining of Graph Invariants
50 -- 75Mourad Boudhar, Nacira Chikhi. Two machine Flow shop with transportation time
76 -- 95Radia Lessak. On periodic bilinear processes
96 -- 130Houda Mehri, Taoufik Djemel. Study and Simulation of Queuing Theory in the Toll Motorway
131 -- 143Sadek Bouroubi, Louiza Rezkallah. An new hybrid cryptosystem based on the satisfiability problem
144 -- 151Isma Bouchemakh, Rafik Sahbi. On a Conjecture of Erwin
152 -- 172Salim Ziani, Salim Filali. Improving the Envelope of the LMI Optimization using the Youla Parametrization

Volume 9, Issue 1

5 -- 37Richard Bonichon, Pascal Cuoq. A Mergeable Interval Map
39 -- 86Pierre Castéran, Vincent Filou. Tasks, Types and Tactics for Local Computation Systems
87 -- 127Stéphane Lescuyer. First-Class Containers in Coq
129 -- 157Mehdi Dogguy, Stéphane Glondu, Sylvain Le Gall, Stefano Zacchiroli. Enforcing Type-Safe Linking using Inter-Package Relationships
159 -- 185Sylvain Conchon, Jean-Christophe Filliâtre, Fabrice Le Fessant, Julien Robert, Guillaume Von Tokarski. Real-Time Monitoring of Ocaml programs