Journal: Software Process: Improvement and Practice

Volume 9, Issue 4

215 -- 216Darren Dalcher. Capability improvement: supporting developers
217 -- 228Kevin Hyde, David Wilson. Intangible benefits of CMM-based software process improvement
229 -- 238Sami Beydeda, Volker Gruhn. Dynamic evolution of software processes to evolve software systems during their development
239 -- 263Lerina Aversano, Andrea De Lucia, Matteo Gaeta, Pierluigi Ritrovato, Silvio Stefanucci, Maria Luisa Villani. Managing coordination and cooperation in distributed software processes: the GENESIS environment
265 -- 278Andrew Brooks. Results of rapid bottom-up software process modeling

Volume 9, Issue 3

121 -- 122Darren Dalcher. Incremental capability improvement: the new weapon in addressing the all-pervasive complexity
123 -- 132Valentine Casey, Ita Richardson. A practical application of the IDEAL model
133 -- 155Andreas S. Andreou. Introducing a process framework for implementing models of large-scale real-world systems in software
157 -- 171James D. Arthur, Markus K. Gröner. Verification and Validation of operational software: a process and methodology critique
173 -- 214Bengee Lee, James Miller. Multi-project software engineering analysis using systems thinking

Volume 9, Issue 2

51 -- 53Paul Wernick, Walt Scacchi. Special Issue on ProSim 2003, The 4th International Workshop on Software Process Simulation and Modeling, Portland, OR, May 2003
55 -- 66João W. Cangussu. A software test process stochastic control model based on CMM characterization
67 -- 80Tobias Häberlein. Common structures in system dynamics models of software acquisition projects
81 -- 93Mercedes Ruiz, Isabel Ramos, Miguel Toro. An integrated framework for simulation-based software process improvement
95 -- 106Alejandro Fernández, Badie Garzaldeen, Ines Grützner, Jürgen Münch. Guided support for collaborative modeling, enactment and simulation of software development processes
107 -- 119Wayne W. Wakeland, Robert H. Martin, David Raffo. Using design of experiments, sensitivity analysis, and hybrid simulation to evaluate changes to a software development process: a case study

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 2Darren Dalcher, David Raffo. Introduction: software process improvement for all
3 -- 12Claire Lassudrie, Gina Gullà-Menez. An experience in using risk management in a software process improvement programme
13 -- 21Ann Cass, Christian Völcker, Rafik Ouared, Alec Dorling, Lothar Winzer, Juan María Carranza. SPICE for SPACE trials, risk analysis, and process improvement
23 -- 31Angela Tuffley, Bill Grove, Gary McNair. SPICE for small organisations
33 -- 50Giuliano Antoniol, Sara Gradara, Gabriele Venturi. Methodological issues in a CMM Level 4 implementation