Journal: Scientific Programming

Volume 12, Issue 4

201 -- 211Simon Miles, Juri Papay, Terry R. Payne, Michael Luck, Luc Moreau. Towards a protocol for the attachment of metadata to grid service descriptions and its use in semantic discovery
213 -- 223Beth Plale. Framework for bringing data streams to the grid
225 -- 237Hong Linh Truong, Thomas Fahringer. SCALEA-G: A unified monitoring and performance analysis system for the grid
239 -- 251Bartosz Balis, Marian Bubak, Wlodzimierz Funika, Roland Wismüller, Marcin Radecki, Tomasz Szepieniec, Tomasz Arodz, Marcin Kurdziel. Grid environment for on-line application monitoring and performance analysis
253 -- 262Rizos Sakellariou, Henan Zhao. A low-cost rescheduling policy for efficient mapping of workflows on grid systems
263 -- 273Krzysztof Kurowski, Bogdan Ludwiczak, Jarek Nabrzyski, Ariel Oleksiak, Juliusz Pukacki. Dynamic grid scheduling with job migration and rescheduling in the GridLab resource management system

Volume 12, Issue 3

133 -- 154Thomas Rauber, Gudula Rünger. Improving locality for ODE solvers by program transformations
155 -- 168Can C. Özturan. Resource bartering in data grids
169 -- 183Alexandros V. Gerbessiotis, Seung-Yeop Lee. Remote memory access: A case for portable, efficient and library independent parallel programming
185 -- 196Damian W. I. Rouson, Yi Xiong. Design metrics in quantum turbulence simulations: How physics influences software architecture
197 -- 198Brian Borchers. The Lanczos Method: Evolution and Application, by Louis Komzsik

Volume 12, Issue 2

65 -- 70Peter Chow, Choi-Hong Lai. Collaborating components in mesh-based electronic packaging
71 -- 79Johan Parent, Katja Verbeeck, Jan Lemeire, Ann Nowé, Kris Steenhaut, Erik F. Dirkx. Adaptive load balancing of parallel applications with multi-agent reinforcement learning on heterogeneous systems
81 -- 90Heather M. Liddell, Dennis Parkinson, Graham S. Hodgson, Peter Dzwig. Parallel computing applications and financial modelling
91 -- 100Hai Xiang Lin. Graph transformation and designing parallel sparse matrix algorithms beyond data dependence analysis
101 -- 120J. R. Rommelse, H. X. Lin, T. F. Chan. Efficient active contour and K-means algorithms in image segmentation
121 -- 131Caijun Xue, Hong Nie, Qingying Qiu, Peien Feng. A peer-to-peer distributed collaborative optimization system

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 23Christopher L. Barrett, Martin Drozda, Madhav V. Marathe, S. S. Ravi, James P. Smith. A mobility and traffic generation framework for modeling and simulating ad hoc communication networks
25 -- 43Jacki P. Goldman, William J. Gullick, Colin G. Johnson. Individual-based simulation of the clustering behaviour of epidermal growth factor receptors
45 -- 55Viktor K. Decyk, Charles D. Norton. A simplified method for implementing run-time polymorphism in Fortran95
57 -- 62Dan Nagel. Industrial Strength Parallel Computing: Programming Massively Parallel Processors, by Alice E. Koniges