Journal: Scientific Programming

Volume 17, Issue 4

283 -- 284Sabri Pllana, Jesper Larsson Träff. Introduction to the Scientific Programming Special Issue: Software Development for Multi-core Computing Systems
285 -- 294Wonil Choi, Hyunhee Kim, Wook Song, Jiseok Song, Jihong Kim. ePRO-MP: A tool for profiling and optimizing energy and performance of mobile multiprocessor applications
295 -- 308John E. Savage, Mohammad Zubair. Evaluating multicore algorithms on the unified memory model
309 -- 323Panagiotis E. Hadjidoukas, Giorgos Ch. Philos, Vassilios V. Dimakopoulos. Exploiting fine-grain thread parallelism on multicore architectures
325 -- 336François Bodin, Stéphane Bihan. Heterogeneous multicore parallel programming for graphics processing units
337 -- 0Sabri Pllana, Jesper Larsson Träff. Reviewers for Scientific Programming Special Issue on Software Development for Multi-core Computing Systems
343 -- 345Dan Nagle. Book Review

Volume 17, Issue 3

215 -- 230Matthew G. Knepley, Dmitry A. Karpeev. Mesh algorithms for PDE with Sieve I: Mesh distribution
231 -- 246Yolanda Gil. From data to knowledge to discoveries: Artificial intelligence and scientific workflows
247 -- 259Volodymyr V. Kindratenko, Adam D. Myers, Robert J. Brunner. Implementation of the two-point angular correlation function on a high-performance reconfigurable computer
261 -- 274Onkar Sahni, Christopher D. Carothers, Mark S. Shephard, Kenneth E. Jansen. Strong scaling analysis of a parallel, unstructured, implicit solver and the influence of the operating system interference
275 -- 277David H. Bushnell. Book Review
279 -- 282Dan Nagle. Book Review

Volume 17, Issue 1-2

1 -- 2Michael Gschwind, Fred Gustavson, Jan F. Prins. High Performance Computing with the Cell Broadband Engine
3 -- 29B. C. Vishwas, Abhishek Gadia, Mainak Chaudhuri. Implementing a parallel matrix factorization library on the cell broadband engine
31 -- 42Jakub Kurzak, Jack Dongarra. QR factorization for the Cell Broadband Engine
43 -- 57Michael Kistler, John A. Gunnels, Daniel A. Brokenshire, Brad Benton. Programming the Linpack benchmark for the IBM PowerXCell 8i processor
59 -- 76Alejandro Rico, Alex Ramírez, Mateo Valero. Available task-level parallelism on the Cell BE
77 -- 95Pieter Bellens, Josep M. Pérez, Felipe Cabarcas, Alex Ramírez, Rosa M. Badia, Jesús Labarta. CellSs: Scheduling techniques to better exploit memory hierarchy
97 -- 111Adrianto Wirawan, Bertil Schmidt, Huiliang Zhang, Chee Keong Kwoh. High performance protein sequence database scanning on the Cell Broadband Engine
113 -- 134Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Alexander S. van Amesfoort, Tim Cornwell, Ger van Diepen, Rob van Nieuwpoort, Bruce G. Elmegreen, Henk J. Sips. Building high-resolution sky images using the Cell/B.E
135 -- 151Guochun Shi, Volodymyr V. Kindratenko, Ivan S. Ufimtsev, Todd J. Martinez, James C. Phillips, Steven A. Gottlieb. Implementation of scientific computing applications on the Cell Broadband Engine
153 -- 172Khaled Z. Ibrahim, François Bodin. Efficient SIMDization and data management of the Lattice QCD computation on the Cell Broadband Engine
173 -- 184Jusub Kim, Joseph JáJá. Streaming model based volume ray casting implementation for Cell Broadband Engine
185 -- 198Mauricio Araya-Polo, Félix Rubio, Raúl de la Cruz, Mauricio Hanzich, José María Cela, Daniele Paolo Scarpazza. 3D seismic imaging through reverse-time migration on homogeneous and heterogeneous multi-core processors
199 -- 208Olaf M. Lubeck, Michael Lang 0003, Ram Srinivasan, Greg Johnson. Implementation and performance modeling of deterministic particle transport (Sweep3D) on the IBM Cell/B.E