Journal: Scientific Programming

Volume 3, Issue 4

273 -- 274Min-You Wu, Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat. Operating System Support for Massively Parallel Computer Architectures: An Introduction
275 -- 288Stephen R. Wheat, Arthur B. Maccabe, Rolf Riesen, David W. van Dresser, T. Mack Stallcup. PUMA: An Operating System for Massively Parallel Systems
289 -- 300Henning Schmidt. Using Naming Strategies to Make Massively Parallel Systems Work
301 -- 324David R. Kohr Jr., Xingbin Zhang, Mustafizur Rahman 0004, Daniel A. Reed. The Performance of an Object-Oriented, Parallel Operating System
325 -- 340Steve J. Chapin, Eugene H. Spafford. Support for Implementing Scheduling Algorithms Using MESSIAHS
341 -- 352Wei Shu. Adaptive Dynamic Process Scheduling on Distributed Memory Parallel Computers
353 -- 364Craig A. Morgenstern. Methods for Precise Submesh Allocation

Volume 3, Issue 3

169 -- 186Matthew Rosing, Robert B. Schnabel. Flexible Language Constructs for Large Parallel Programs
187 -- 199Allan Knies, Matthew O Keefe, Tom MacDonald. High Performance Fortran: A Practical Analysis
201 -- 225Can C. Özturan, Balaram Sinharoy, Boleslaw K. Szymanski. Compiler Technology for Parallel Scientific Computation
227 -- 253Douglas M. Pase, Tom MacDonald, Andrew Meltzer. The CRAFT Fortran Programming Model
255 -- 271Michael Hind, Michael G. Burke, Paul R. Carini, Samuel P. Midkiff. An Empirical Study of Precise Interprocedural Array Analysis

Volume 3, Issue 2

147 -- 156Michael W. Berry, Jack Dongarra, Brian H. Larose, Todd A. Letsche. PDS: A Performance Database Server
157 -- 168Willi Schönauer, Hartmut Häfner. Explaining the Gap between Theoretical Peak Performance and Real Performance for Supercomputer Architectures

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 11Stefan Gerber, Helmar Burkhart. Number-Crunching Software and the Input Problem: Guidelines and a Case Study
13 -- 32Amir Averbuch, Eran Gabber, Samuel Itzikowitz, Barack Shoham. On the Parallel Elliptic Single/Multigrid Solutions about Aligned and Nonaligned Bodies Using the Virtual Machine for Multiprocessors
33 -- 47Gita Alaghband, Harry F. Jordan. Overview of the Force Scientific Parallel Language
49 -- 60Adam Beguelin, Jack Dongarra, George Al Geist, Robert Manchek, Keith Moore. HeNCE: A Heterogeneous Network Computing Environment
61 -- 71Timothy G. Mattson. The Efficiency of Linda for General Purpose Scientific Programming
73 -- 82Ravi Ponnusamy, Nashat Mansour, Alok N. Choudhary, Geoffrey Charles Fox. Graph Contraction for Mapping Data on Parallel Computers: A Quality-Cost Tradeoff
83 -- 99William George, Ralph G. Brickner, S. Lennart Johnsson. POLYSHIFT Communications Software for the Connection Machine System CM-200