Journal: Scientific Programming

Volume 5, Issue 4

279 -- 300Thomas Derby, Robert B. Schnabel, Benjamin G. Zorn. A New Language Design for Prototyping Numerical Computation
301 -- 317Rajeev Thakur, Alok N. Choudhary. An Extended Two-Phase Method for Accessing Sections of Out-of-Core Arrays
319 -- 327Karen H. Warren. PDDP, A Data Parallel Programming Model
329 -- 336Barry F. Smith, William D. Gropp. The Design of Data-Structure-Neutral Libraries for the Iterative Solution of Sparse Linear Systems
337 -- 364Yu Hu, S. Lennart Johnsson. Implementing O(N) N-Body Algorithms Efficiently in Data-Parallel Languages

Volume 5, Issue 3

173 -- 184Jaeyoung Choi, Jack Dongarra, Susan Ostrouchov, Antoine Petitet, David W. Walker, R. Clinton Whaley. Design and Implementation of the ScaLAPACK LU, QR, and Cholesky Factorization Routines
185 -- 201Scott R. Kohn, Scott B. Baden. Irregular Coarse-Grain Data Parallelism under LPARX
203 -- 217John L. Gustafson, Srinivas Aluru. Massively Parallel Searching for Better Algorithms or How to Do a Cross Product with Five Multiplications
219 -- 237John D. McCalpin. A Case Study of Some Issues in the Optimization of Fortran 90 Array Notation
239 -- 249Bill Appelbe, Donna Bergmark. Software Tools for High-Performance Computing: Survey and Recommendations
251 -- 274Christoph W. Kessler. Pattern-Driven Automatic Parallelization

Volume 5, Issue 2

93 -- 95R. L. Page, R. R. Oldehoeft. High-Performance Functional Computing: Guest Editor s Introduction
97 -- 109Thomas DeBoni, John Feo, Doug Peters. A Hybrid Imperative and Functional Molecular Mechanics Application
111 -- 120A. P. Wim Böhm, Robert E. Hiromoto. Functional Implementations of the Jacobi Eigensolver
121 -- 135Jack B. Dennis. Static Mapping of Functional Programs: An Example in Signal Processing
137 -- 146Dorothy Bollman, Jaime Seguel, John Feo. Fast Digit-Index Permutations
147 -- 160Steven M. Fitzgerald, Rodney R. Oldehoeft. Update-in-Place Analysis for True Multidimensional Arrays
161 -- 171Richard Wolski, David Cann. Compiler-Enforced Cache Coherence Using a Functional Language

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 0Helmar Burkhart. The Swiss Priority Programme in Informatics Research, Module Parallelism: Guest Editor s Introduction
3 -- 13Benoit A. Gennart, Bernard Krummenacher, L. Landron, Roger D. Hersch, B. Saugy, J.-C. Hadorn, D. Müller. The Giga View Multiprocessor Multidisk Image Server
15 -- 24Peter G. Kropf, Edgar F. A. Lederer, Thomas Steffen, Karl Guggisberg, Jean-Guy Schneider, Peter Schwab. SPINET: A Parallel Computing Approach to Spine Simulations
25 -- 32Anton Gunzinger, Bernhard Bäumle, Martin Frey, M. Klebl, Michael Kocheisen, Peter Kohler, R. Morel, Urs A. Müller, M. Rosenthal. Programming Environment for a High-Performance Parallel Supercomputer with Intelligent Communication
33 -- 45Helmar Burkhart, Robert Frank, Guido Hächler. Structured Parallel Programming: How Informatics Can Help Overcome the Software Dilemma
47 -- 61Thierry Cornu, Paolo Ienne, Dagmar Niebur, Patrick Thiran, Marc A. Viredaz. Design, Implementation, and Test of a Multi-Model Systolic Neural-Network Accelerator
63 -- 88Michael F. P. O Boyle, J. Mark Bull. Expert Programmer versus Parallelizing Compiler: A Comparative Study of Two Approaches for Distributed Shared Memory