Journal: Swarm Intelligence

Volume 13, Issue 3-4

169 -- 172Marco Dorigo, Mauro Birattari, Christian Blum 0001, Anders Lyhne Christensen, Andreagiovanni Reina, Vito Trianni. ANTS 2018 special issue: Editorial
173 -- 192Christian Leonardo Camacho-Villalón, Marco Dorigo, Thomas Stützle. The intelligent water drops algorithm: why it cannot be considered a novel algorithm - A brief discussion on the use of metaphors in optimization
193 -- 215Elre T. Oldewage, Andries P. Engelbrecht, Christopher W. Cleghorn. Degrees of stochasticity in particle swarm optimization
217 -- 243Judhi Prasetyo, Giulia De Masi, Eliseo Ferrante. Collective decision making in dynamic environments
245 -- 276Christiaan Scheepers, Andries P. Engelbrecht, Christopher W. Cleghorn. Multi-guide particle swarm optimization for multi-objective optimization: empirical and stability analysis
277 -- 319Mario Coppola, Jian Guo, Eberhard K. A. Gill, G. C. H. E. de Croon. The PageRank algorithm as a method to optimize swarm behavior through local analysis
321 -- 345Ilja Rausch, Andreagiovanni Reina, Pieter Simoens, Yara Khaluf. Coherent collective behaviour emerging from decentralised balancing of social feedback and noise
347 -- 380Payam Zahadat, Daniel Nicolas Hofstadler. Toward a theory of collective resource distribution: a study of a dynamic morphogenesis controller

Volume 13, Issue 2

95 -- 114Fabrice Saffre, Gabriele Gianini, Hanno Hildmann, J. Davies, Shawn Bullock, Ernesto Damiani, Jean-Louis Deneubourg. Long-term memory-induced synchronisation can impair collective performance in congested systems
115 -- 143Siddharth Mayya, Sean Wilson, Magnus Egerstedt. Closed-loop task allocation in robot swarms using inter-robot encounters
145 -- 168Rim Zarrouk, Imed Eddine Bennour, Abderrazek Jemai. A two-level particle swarm optimization algorithm for the flexible job shop scheduling problem

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 19Adam Schroeder, Brian Trease, Alessandro Arsie. Balancing robot swarm cost and interference effects by varying robot quantity and size
21 -- 57Guannan Li, Ivan Svogor, Giovanni Beltrame. Long-term pattern formation and maintenance for battery-powered robots
59 -- 94Mario Coppola, Jian Guo, Eberhard K. A. Gill, Guido C. H. E. de Croon. Provable self-organizing pattern formation by a swarm of robots with limited knowledge