Journal: Swarm Intelligence

Volume 5, Issue 3-4

143 -- 147Marco Dorigo, Mauro Birattari, Gianni Di Caro, René Doursat, Andries Petrus Engelbrecht, Luca Maria Gambardella, Roderich Groß, Erol Sahin, Thomas Stützle. ANTS 2010 special issue - Editorial
149 -- 182Khalid M. Salama, Ashraf M. Abdelbar, Alex Alves Freitas. Multiple pheromone types and other extensions to the Ant-Miner classification rule discovery algorithm
183 -- 223Ke Li, Claudio E. Torres, Kyle Thomas, Louis F. Rossi, Chien-Chung Shen. Slime mold inspired routing protocols for wireless sensor networks
225 -- 255Lidia Yamamoto, Daniele Miorandi, Pierre Collet, Wolfgang Banzhaf. Recovery properties of distributed cluster head election using reaction-diffusion
257 -- 281Jacob Beal. Functional blueprints: an approach to modularity in grown systems
283 -- 304Giovanni Pini, Arne Brutschy, Marco Frison, Andrea Roli, Marco Dorigo, Mauro Birattari. Task partitioning in swarms of robots: an adaptive method for strategy selection
305 -- 327Marco Antonio Montes de Oca, Eliseo Ferrante, Alexander Scheidler, Carlo Pinciroli, Mauro Birattari, Marco Dorigo. Majority-rule opinion dynamics with differential latency: a mechanism for self-organized collective decision-making

Volume 5, Issue 2

73 -- 96Frederick Ducatelle, Gianni A. Di Caro, Carlo Pinciroli, Luca Maria Gambardella. Self-organized cooperation between robotic swarms
97 -- 119Valerio Sperati, Vito Trianni, Stefano Nolfi. Self-organised path formation in a swarm of robots
121 -- 141Konrad Diwold, Timothy M. Schaerf, Mary R. Myerscough, Martin Middendorf, Madeleine Beekman. Deciding on the wing: in-flight decision making and search space sampling in the red dwarf honeybee ::::Apis florea::::

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 2Vito Trianni, Elio Tuci, Kevin M. Passino. Special issue on Swarm Cognition
3 -- 18Vito Trianni, Elio Tuci, Kevin M. Passino, James A. R. Marshall. Swarm Cognition: an interdisciplinary approach to the study of self-organising biological collectives
19 -- 43J. Scott Turner. Termites as models of swarm cognition
45 -- 72Pedro Santana, Luís Correia. Swarm cognition on off-road autonomous robots