Journal: ACM Trans. Economics and Comput.

Volume 7, Issue 4

0 -- 0Tomer Ezra, Michal Feldman, Tim Roughgarden, Warut Suksompong. Pricing Multi-Unit Markets
0 -- 0Kartik Ahuja, Mihaela van der Schaar. Dynamic Matching and Allocation of Tasks
0 -- 0Sergiu Hart, Philip J. Reny. The Better Half of Selling Separately
0 -- 0Yasushi Kawase, Yutaro Yamaguchi 0001, Yu Yokoi. Subgame Perfect Equilibria of Sequential Matching Games

Volume 7, Issue 3

0 -- 0Ioannis Caragiannis, David Kurokawa, Hervé Moulin, Ariel D. Procaccia, Nisarg Shah 0001, Junxing Wang. The Unreasonable Fairness of Maximum Nash Welfare
0 -- 0Tim Roughgarden, Joshua R. Wang. Minimizing Regret with Multiple Reserves
0 -- 0Ziv Epstein, Alexander Peysakhovich, David G. Rand. The Good, the Bad, and the Unflinchingly Selfish: Pro-sociality can be Well Predicted Using Payoffs and Three Behavioral Types
0 -- 0Noga Alon, Michal Feldman, Yishay Mansour, Sigal Oren, Moshe Tennenholtz. Dynamics of Evolving Social Groups
0 -- 0Yiling Chen, Dirk Bergemann. Introduction to the Special Issue on EC'16
0 -- 0Vittorio Bilò, Cosimo Vinci. Dynamic Taxes for Polynomial Congestion Games
0 -- 0Sepehr Assadi, Sanjeev Khanna, Yang Li 0025. The Stochastic Matching Problem with (Very) Few Queries

Volume 7, Issue 2

0 -- 0Haris Aziz 0001, Florian Brandl, Felix Brandt 0001, Paul Harrenstein, Martin Olsen, Dominik Peters. Fractional Hedonic Games
0 -- 0Ian A. Kash, Peter Key, Warut Suksompong. Simple Pricing Schemes for the Cloud
0 -- 0Xiaohui Bei, Jugal Garg, Martin Hoefer, Kurt Mehlhorn. Earning and Utility Limits in Fisher Markets
0 -- 0Ashish Goel, Anilesh K. Krishnaswamy, Sukolsak Sakshuwong, Tanja Aitamurto. Knapsack Voting for Participatory Budgeting
0 -- 0Joseph Y. Halpern, Rafael Pass. Sequential Equilibrium in Computational Games
0 -- 0Patrick Hummel, Uri Nadav. Bid-Limited Targeting

Volume 7, Issue 1

0 -- 0Ittai Abraham, Danny Dolev, Joseph Y. Halpern. Distributed Protocols for Leader Election: A Game-Theoretic Perspective
0 -- 0Piotr Faliszewski, Piotr Skowron, Arkadii Slinko, Nimrod Talmon. Committee Scoring Rules: Axiomatic Characterization and Hierarchy
0 -- 0Yuqing Kong, Grant Schoenebeck. An Information Theoretic Framework For Designing Information Elicitation Mechanisms That Reward Truth-telling
0 -- 0Lefteris M. Kirousis, Phokion G. Kolaitis, John Livieratos. Aggregation of Votes with Multiple Positions on Each Issue