Journal: ACM Trans. Comput. Syst.

Volume 1, Issue 4

281 -- 293William D. Strecker. Transient Behavior of Cache Memories
294 -- 310Hiroshi Kobayashi, Mario Gerla. Optimal Routing in Closed Queuing Networks
311 -- 330Lansing Sloan. Mechanisms that Enforce Bounds on Packet Lifetimes
331 -- 368A. Udaya Shankar, Simon S. Lam. An HDLC Protocol Specification and Its Verification Using Image Protocols

Volume 1, Issue 3

195 -- 221Tsutomu Hoshino, Toshio Kawai, Tomonori Shirakawa, Junichi Higashino, Akira Yamaoka, Hachidai Ito, Takashi Sato, Kazuo Sawada. PACS: A Parallel Microprocessor Array for Scientific Calculations
222 -- 238Richard D. Schlichting, Fred B. Schneider. Fail-Stop Processors: An Approach to Designing Fault-Tolerant Computing Systems
239 -- 248Selim G. Akl, Peter D. Taylor. Cryptographic Solution to a Problem of Access Control in a Hierarchy
249 -- 255R. Kenneth Bauer, Thomas A. Berson, Richard J. Feiertag. A Key Distribution Protocol Using Event Markers
256 -- 277Richard A. Kemmerer. Shared Resource Matrix Methodology: An Approach to Identifying Storage and Timing Channels

Volume 1, Issue 2

99 -- 115Derek L. Eager, Kenneth C. Sevcik. Performance Bound Hierarchies for Queueing Networks
116 -- 143Subhash C. Agrawal, Jeffrey P. Buzen. The Aggregate Server Method for Analyzing Serialization Delays in Computer System
144 -- 156K. Mani Chandy, Jayadev Misra, Laura M. Haas. Distributed Deadlock Detection
157 -- 174Peter R. Cappello, Kenneth Steiglitz. A VLSI Layout for a Pipelined Dadda Multiplier
175 -- 193Manuel Blum. How to Exchange (Secret) Keys

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 0Andreas Gemsa, Jan-Henrik Haunert, Martin Nöllenburg. Multirow Boundary-Labeling Algorithms for Panorama Images
2 -- 0Hien To, Cyrus Shahabi, Leyla Kazemi. A Server-Assigned Spatial Crowdsourcing Framework
3 -- 23David P. Reed. Implementing Atomic Actions on Decentralized Data
3 -- 0Mahmuda Ahmed, Brittany Terese Fasy, Kyle S. Hickmann, Carola Wenk. A Path-Based Distance for Street Map Comparison
4 -- 0Mark McKennney, Roger Frye. Generating Moving Regions from Snapshots of Complex Regions
24 -- 37Douglas W. Clark. Cache Performance in the VAX-11/780
38 -- 44Adi Shamir. On the Generation of Cryptographically Strong Pseudorandom Sequences
45 -- 66George W. Cox, William M. Corwin, Konrad K. Lai, Fred J. Pollack. Interprocess Communication and Processor Dispatching on the Intel 432
67 -- 92Charles H. Sauer. Computational Algorithms for State-Dependent Queueing Networks