Journal: ACM Trans. Comput. Syst.

Volume 17, Issue 4

249 -- 287Hari Adiseshu, George Varghese, Guru M. Parulkar. An architecture for packet-striping protocols
288 -- 336Kathryn S. McKinley, Olivier Temam. Quantifying loop nest locality using SPEC 95 and the perfect benchmarks
337 -- 371Martin C. Rinard. Effective fine-grain synchronization for automatically parallelized programs using optimistic synchronization primitives

Volume 17, Issue 3

153 -- 201Laurent Amsaleg, Michael J. Franklin, Olivier Gruber. Garbage collection for a client-server persistent object store
202 -- 248Mukund Raghavachari, Anne Rogers. Ace: a language for parallel programming with customizable protocols

Volume 17, Issue 2

41 -- 88Kenneth P. Birman, Mark Hayden, Öznur Özkasap, Zhen Xiao, Mihai Budiu, Yaron Minsky. Bimodal Multicast
89 -- 132Pedro C. Diniz, Martin C. Rinard. Eliminating Synchronization Overhead in Automatically Parallelized Programs Using Dynamic Feedback
133 -- 152Michiel Ronsse, Koenraad De Bosschere. RecPlay: A Fully Integrated Practical Record/Replay System

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 40Venkatachary Srinivasan, George Varghese. Fast Address Lookups Using Controlled Prefix Expansion