Journal: ACM Trans. Comput. Syst.

Volume 19, Issue 4

413 -- 439Jamison D. Collins, Dean M. Tullsen. Runtime identification of cache conflict misses: The adaptive miss buffer
440 -- 482Marcel Waldvogel, George Varghese, Jonathan S. Turner, Bernhard Plattner. Scalable high-speed prefix matching
483 -- 518Guillermo A. Alvarez, Elizabeth Borowsky, Susie Go, Theodore H. Romer, Ralph A. Becker-Szendy, Richard A. Golding, Arif Merchant, Mirjana Spasojevic, Alistair C. Veitch, John Wilkes. Minerva: An automated resource provisioning tool for large-scale storage systems

Volume 19, Issue 3

283 -- 331Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau. Implicit coscheduling: coordinated scheduling with implicit information in distributed systems
332 -- 383Antonio Carzaniga, David S. Rosenblum, Alexander L. Wolf. Design and evaluation of a wide-area event notification service
384 -- 412Nicholas F. Maxemchuk, David H. Shur. An Internet multicast system for the stock market

Volume 19, Issue 2

111 -- 170Angela Demke Brown, Todd C. Mowry, Orran Krieger. Compiler-based I/O prefetching for out-of-core applications
171 -- 216Alan Fekete, Nancy A. Lynch, Alexander A. Shvartsman. Specifying and using a partitionable group communication service
217 -- 251Dylan McNamee, Jonathan Walpole, Calton Pu, Crispin Cowan, Charles Krasic, Ashvin Goel, Perry Wagle, Charles Consel, Gilles Muller, Renaud Marlet. Specialization tools and techniques for systematic optimization of system software
252 -- 281Avi Mendelson, Freddy Gabbay. The effect of seance communication on multiprocessing systems

Volume 19, Issue 1

1 -- 35Angelos Bilas, Dongming Jiang, Jaswinder Pal Singh. Accelerating shared virtual memory via general-purpose network interface support
36 -- 70Robert Grimm, Brian N. Bershad. Separating access control policy, enforcement, and functionality in extensible systems
71 -- 109Chi-Keung Luk, Todd C. Mowry. Architectural and compiler support for effective instruction prefetching: a cooperative approach