Journal: ACM Trans. Comput. Syst.

Volume 5, Issue 4

305 -- 329Dominique Thiébaut, Harold S. Stone. Footprints in the Cache
330 -- 351Joseph R. Falcone. A Programmable Interface Language for Heterogeneous Distributed Systems
352 -- 370Philip D. L. Koch. Disk File Allocation Based on the Buddy System
371 -- 393Amir Herzberg, Shlomit S. Pinter. Public Protection of Software
394 -- 416Özalp Babaoglu. On the Reliability of Consensus-Based Fault-Tolerant Distributed Compting Systems

Volume 5, Issue 3

189 -- 231Karsten Schwan, Thomas E. Bihari, Bruce W. Weide, Gregor Taulbee. High-Performance Operating System Primitives for Robotics and Real-Time Control Systems
232 -- 248Paul K. Harten Jr.. Response Times in Level-Structured Systems
249 -- 274Maurice Herlihy. Concurrency versus Availability: Atomic Mechanisms for Replicated Data
275 -- 283W. Worth Kirkman. An Optimized Contention Protocol for Broadband Networks
284 -- 299Beverly A. Sanders. The Information Structure of Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithms

Volume 5, Issue 2

97 -- 120Richard W. Watson, Sandra A. Mamrak. Gaining Efficiency in Transport Services by Appropriate Design and Implementation Choices
121 -- 150Jeffrey Joyce, Greg Lomow, Konrad Slind, Brian Unger. Monitoring Distributed Systems
151 -- 184Janice I. Glasgow, Glenn H. MacEwen. The Development and Proof of a Formal Specification for a Multilevel Secure System

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 11Leslie Lamport. A Fast Mutual Exclusion Algorithm
12 -- 46David R. Cheriton. UIO: A Uniform I/O System Interface for Distributed Systems
47 -- 76Kenneth P. Birman, Thomas A. Joseph. Reliable Communication in the Presence of Failures
77 -- 92Robert Geist, Stephen Daniel. A Continuum of Disk Scheduling Algorithms