Journal: ACM Trans. Comput. Syst.

Volume 6, Issue 4

341 -- 364Larry L. Peterson. The Profile Naming Service
365 -- 392M. Stella Atkins. Experiments in SR with Different Upcall Program Structures
393 -- 431Anant Agarwal, John L. Hennessy, Mark Horowitz. Cache Performance of Operating System and Multiprogramming Workloads
432 -- 441Tatsuaki Okamoto. A Digital Multisignature Schema Using Bijective Public-Key Cryptosystems

Volume 6, Issue 3

229 -- 257Thomas R. Gross, John L. Hennessy, Steven A. Przybylski, Christopher Rowen. Measurement and Evaluation of the MIPS Architecture and Processor
258 -- 283David K. Gifford, Nathan Glasser. Remote Pipes and Procedures for Efficient Distributed Communication
284 -- 295Dale M. Johnson, F. Javier Thayer. Stating Security Requirements with Tolerable Sets
296 -- 339Robert P. Colwell, Edward F. Gehringer, E. Douglas Jensen. Performance Effects of Architectural Complexity in the Intel 432

Volume 6, Issue 2

157 -- 196Richard T. Snodgrass. A Relational Approach to Monitoring Complex Systems
197 -- 222Ravi S. Sandhu. The NTree: A Two Dimension Partial Order for Protection Groups

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 2Anita K. Jones. Preface: Special Issue on Operating System Principles
3 -- 27Douglas B. Terry, Daniel C. Swinehart. Managing Stored Voice in the Etherphone System
28 -- 50Albert Chang, Mark F. Mergen. 801 Storage: Architecture and Programming
51 -- 81John H. Howard, Michael L. Kazar, Sherri G. Menees, David A. Nichols, Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Robert N. Sidebotham, Michael J. West. Scale and Performance in a Distributed File System
82 -- 108Roger L. Haskin, Yoni Malachi, Wayne Sawdon, Gregory Chan. Recovery Management in QuickSilver
109 -- 133Eric Jul, Henry M. Levy, Norman C. Hutchinson, Andrew P. Black. Fine-Grained Mobility in the Emerald System
134 -- 154Michael N. Nelson, Brent B. Welch, John K. Ousterhout. Caching in the Sprite Network File System