Journal: ACM Trans. Comput. Syst.

Volume 7, Issue 4

321 -- 359Kai Li, Paul Hudak. Memory Coherence in Shared Virtual Memory Systems
360 -- 393Tony P. Ng. Using Histories to Implement Atomic Objects
394 -- 426Daniel Barbará, Hector Garcia-Molina, Annemarie Spauster. Increasing Availability Under Mutual Exclusion Constraints with Dynamic Vote Reassignment

Volume 7, Issue 3

217 -- 246Larry L. Peterson, Nick C. Buchholz, Richard D. Schlichting. Preserving and Using Context Information in Interprocess Communication
247 -- 280Mahadev Satyanarayanan. Integrating Security in a Large Distributed System
281 -- 316A. Udaya Shankar. Verified Data Transfer Protocols with Variable Flow Control

Volume 7, Issue 2

119 -- 146Anoop Gupta, Charles Forgy, Allen Newell. High-Speed Implementations of Rule-Based Systems
147 -- 183David R. Cheriton, Timothy P. Mann. Decentralizing a Global Naming Service for Improved Performance and Fault Tolerance
184 -- 215Anant Agarwal, Mark Horowitz, John L. Hennessy. An Analytical Cache Model

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 24Anita Borg, Wolfgang Blau, Wolfgang Graetsch, Ferdinand Herrmann, Wolfgang Oberle. Fault Tolerance Under UNIX
25 -- 60Frank M. Pittelli, Hector Garcia-Molina. Reliable Scheduling in a TMR Database System
61 -- 77Kerry Raymond. A Tree-Based Algorithm for Distributed Mutual Exclusion
78 -- 116James G. Thompson, Alan Jay Smith. Efficient (Stack) Algorithms for Analysis of Write-Back and Sector Machines