Journal: topiCS

Volume 15, Issue 1

4 -- 5Andrea Bender. topiCS Volume 15, Issue 1
6 -- 14Nora S. Newcombe, Mary Hegarty, David H. Uttal. Building a Cognitive Science of Human Variation: Individual Differences in Spatial Navigation
15 -- 45Ruojing Zhou, Tug├že Belge, Thomas Wolbers. Reaching the Goal: Superior Navigators in Late Adulthood Provide a Novel Perspective into Successful Cognitive Aging
46 -- 74Maria Brucato, Andrea Frick, Stefan Pichelmann, Alina Nazareth, Nora S. Newcombe. Measuring Spatial Perspective Taking: Analysis of Four Measures Using Item Response Theory
75 -- 101Paulina Maxim, Thackery I. Brown. Toward an Understanding of Cognitive Mapping Ability Through Manipulations and Measurement of Schemas and Stress
102 -- 119Mary Hegarty, Chuanxiuyue He, Alexander P. Boone, Shuying Yu, Emily G. Jacobs, Elizabeth R. Chrastil. Understanding Differences in Wayfinding Strategies
120 -- 138Hugo J. Spiers, Antoine Coutrot, Michael Hornberger. Explaining World-Wide Variation in Navigation Ability from Millions of People: Citizen Science Project Sea Hero Quest
139 -- 162Jeffrey L. Krichmar, Chuanxiuyue He. Importance of Path Planning Variability: A Simulation Study
163 -- 186Toru Ishikawa. Individual Differences and Skill Training in Cognitive Mapping: How and Why People Differ
187 -- 212Helen E. Davis, Michael Gurven, Elizabeth Cashdan. Navigational Experience and the Preservation of Spatial Abilities into Old Age Among a Tropical Forager-Farmer Population