Journal: Journal in Computer Virology

Volume 11, Issue 4

193 -- 202Valentin Hamon. Android botnets for multi-targeted attacks
203 -- 216Ranjith Kumar Jidigam, Thomas H. Austin, Mark Stamp. Singular value decomposition and metamorphic detection
217 -- 233Nizar Kheir, Xiao Han, Chirine Wolley. Behavioral fine-grained detection and classification of P2P bots
235 -- 245Axelle Apvrille, Ludovic Apvrille. SherlockDroid: a research assistant to spot unknown malware in Android marketplaces
247 -- 261Bharath Venkatesh, Sudip Hazra Choudhury, Shishir Nagaraja, N. Balakrishnan. BotSpot: fast graph based identification of structured P2P bots

Volume 11, Issue 3

119 -- 121Sang Yeob Oh, Supratip Ghose, Yu-Keum Jeong, Joong-Kyung Ryu, Jung-Soo Han. Convergence security systems
123 -- 128Eun-Hee Goo, Seung-dae Lee. Reconfigurable real number field elliptic curve cryptography to improve the security
129 -- 136Sunghyuck Hong. Efficient and secure DNS cyber shelter on DDoS attacks
137 -- 142Yoon-Su Jeong, Yong-Tae Kim. A token-based authentication security scheme for Hadoop distributed file system using elliptic curve cryptography
143 -- 148Jung Hoon Kim, Keun-Ho Lee. Vulnerabilities of intelligent automobiles using TPEG update based on T-DMB and its countermeasures
149 -- 155Aeri Lee. Authentication scheme for smart learning system in the cloud computing environment
157 -- 164Sang-Chul Lee, Kwang Hyuk Im. Banking behavior in security and multi-channel environment
165 -- 171SunMoon Jo, Kyungyong Chung. An efficient thread partition policy for secure functional language
173 -- 179Sumi Shin, Suhyeon Yoo, Hyesun Kim, Taeseok Lee. Association analysis of technology convergence based on information system utilization
181 -- 192Sung Choi. Study on model fostering for cloud service brokerage

Volume 11, Issue 2

59 -- 73Chinmayee Annachhatre, Thomas H. Austin, Mark Stamp. Hidden Markov models for malware classification
75 -- 88Shahid Alam, Ibrahim Sogukpinar, Issa Traoré, R. Nigel Horspool. Sliding window and control flow weight for metamorphic malware detection
89 -- 102Mangesh Musale, Thomas H. Austin, Mark Stamp. Hunting for metamorphic JavaScript malware
103 -- 118Ashwin Kalbhor, Thomas H. Austin, Eric Filiol, Sébastien Josse, Mark Stamp. Dueling hidden Markov models for virus analysis

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 7Diksha Gautam Kumar, Madhumita Chatterjee. MAC based solution for SQL injection
9 -- 17Vitor Monte Afonso, Matheus Favero de Amorim, André Ricardo Abed Grégio, Glauco Barroso Junquera, Paulo Lício de Geus. Identifying Android malware using dynamically obtained features
19 -- 26Lachlan Kang. Efficient botnet herding within the Tor network
27 -- 49Sugandh Shah, Babu M. Mehtre. An overview of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing techniques
51 -- 58Olivier Ferrand. How to detect the Cuckoo Sandbox and to Strengthen it?