Journal: Journal in Computer Virology

Volume 12, Issue 4

203 -- 212Tanuvir Singh, Fabio Di Troia, Corrado Aaron Visaggio, Thomas H. Austin, Mark Stamp. Support vector machines and malware detection
213 -- 224Usha Narra, Fabio Di Troia, Corrado Aaron Visaggio, Thomas H. Austin, Mark Stamp. Clustering versus SVM for malware detection
225 -- 233Joseph Sexton, Curtis B. Storlie, Blake Anderson. Subroutine based detection of APT malware
235 -- 242Rebecca Schuller Borbely. On normalized compression distance and large malware - Towards a useful definition of normalized compression distance for the classification of large files
243 -- 261Gerardo Canfora, Corrado Aaron Visaggio. A set of features to detect web security threats

Volume 12, Issue 3

121 -- 123Yu-Keum Jeong, Roy C. Park. Knowledge-based System and Security
125 -- 130MyounJae Lee. Secure game development for IoT environment
131 -- 136Olivier Ferrand, Eric Filiol. Combinatorial detection of malware by IAT discrimination
137 -- 143Sunghyuck Hong. Two-channel user authentication by using USB on Cloud
145 -- 150Yong Chan Kim, Jongkun Lee. A secure analysis of vehicular authentication security scheme of RSUs in VANET
151 -- 161Do Yeon Kim, GuoZhong Li, Seong-Taek Park, Mi-Hyun Ko. A study on effects of security risks on acceptance of enterprise cloud service: moderating of employment and non-employment using PLS multiple group analysis
163 -- 167Bo-Seon Kang, Keun-Ho Lee. 2-Channel authentication technique using cardiac impulse based OTP
169 -- 175Kiyoung Kim, Byung-Joon Park, Yuhwa Suh, Jaepyo Park. OTT user authentication system by age classification
177 -- 184Joon Ho Kim, Myung-Chul Ma, Jae-Pyo Park. An analysis on secure coding using symbolic execution engine
185 -- 190Hyung-Jin Mun, Kun Hee Han. Blackhole attack: user identity and password seize attack using honeypot
191 -- 202Jonathan Dechaux, Eric Filiol. Proactive defense against malicious documents: formalization, implementation and case studies

Volume 12, Issue 2

49 -- 58Matthew Asquith. Extremely scalable storage and clustering of malware metadata
59 -- 67Hisham Shehata Galal, Yousef Bassyouni Mahdy, Mohammed Ali Atiea. Behavior-based features model for malware detection
69 -- 100Amine Boukhtouta, Serguei A. Mokhov, Nour-Eddine Lakhdari, Mourad Debbabi, Joey Paquet. Network malware classification comparison using DPI and flow packet headers
101 -- 111Kesav Kancherla, John Donahue, Srinivas Mukkamala. Packer identification using Byte plot and Markov plot
113 -- 120Andrea Miele. Buffer overflow vulnerabilities in CUDA: a preliminary analysis

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 10Ciprian Oprisa, George Cabau, Gheorghe Sebestyen-Pal. Malware clustering using suffix trees
11 -- 22Ghita Mezzour, L. Richard Carley, Kathleen M. Carley. Longitudinal analysis of a large corpus of cyber threat descriptions
23 -- 36Andrei Lutas, Adrian Colesa, Sándor Lukács, Dan Lutas. U-HIPE: hypervisor-based protection of user-mode processes in Windows
37 -- 47Adrian-Stefan Popescu, Dragos Teodor Gavrilut, Daniel-Ionut Irimia. A practical approach for clustering large data flows of malicious URLs