Journal: Journal in Computer Virology

Volume 14, Issue 4

251 -- 0Antonella Santone. Special issue on formal methods for security engineering
253 -- 268Steffen Pfrang, David Meier. Detecting and preventing replay attacks in industrial automation networks operated with profinet IO
269 -- 289Cinzia Bernardeschi, Marco Di Natale, Gianluca Dini, Maurizio Palmieri. Verifying data secure flow in AUTOSAR models
291 -- 311Robert Luh, Gregor Schramm, Markus Wagner 0008, Helge Janicke, Sebastian Schrittwieser. SEQUIN: a grammar inference framework for analyzing malicious system behavior

Volume 14, Issue 3

195 -- 211Blake Anderson, Subharthi Paul, David A. McGrew. Deciphering malware's use of TLS (without decryption)
213 -- 223Hamed Haddad Pajouh, Ali Dehghantanha, Raouf Khayami, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo. Intelligent OS X malware threat detection with code inspection
225 -- 231A. V. Kozachok, V. I. Kozachok. Construction and evaluation of the new heuristic malware detection mechanism based on executable files static analysis
233 -- 244Nikhil Tripathi, Neminath Hubballi. Detecting stealth DHCP starvation attack using machine learning approach
245 -- 249Paul Irolla, Alexandre Dey. The duplication issue within the Drebin dataset

Volume 14, Issue 2

107 -- 126Catalin-Valeriu Lita, Doina Cosovan, Dragos Gavrilut. Anti-emulation trends in modern packers: a survey on the evolution of anti-emulation techniques in UPA packers
127 -- 138Jorge Blasco, Thomas M. Chen. Automated generation of colluding apps for experimental research
139 -- 156AliAkbar Sadeghi, Salman Niksefat, Maryam Rostamipour. Pure-Call Oriented Programming (PCOP): chaining the gadgets using call instructions
157 -- 165Suchita Deshmukh, Fabio Di Troia, Mark Stamp. Vigenère scores for malware detection
167 -- 179Manar Abu Talib. Testing closed source software: computer forensic tool case study
181 -- 193Moustafa Saleh, Tao Li, Shouhuai Xu. Multi-context features for detecting malicious programs

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 20Edward Raff, Richard Zak, Russell Cox, Jared Sylvester, Paul Yacci, Rebecca Ward, Anna Tracy, Mark McLean, Charles Nicholas. An investigation of byte n-gram features for malware classification
21 -- 38Ayesha Binte Ashfaq, Zainab Abaid, Maliha Ismail, Muhammad Umar Aslam, Affan A. Syed, Syed Ali Khayam. Diagnosing bot infections using Bayesian inference
39 -- 52Annapurna Annadatha, Mark Stamp. Image spam analysis and detection
53 -- 68Julien Duchêne, Colas Le Guernic, Eric Alata, Vincent Nicomette, Mohamed Kaâniche. State of the art of network protocol reverse engineering tools
69 -- 85Yoshihiro Oyama. Trends of anti-analysis operations of malwares observed in API call logs
87 -- 98Marcus Botacin, Paulo Lício de Geus, André Ricardo Abed Grégio. The other guys: automated analysis of marginalized malware
99 -- 106Yeon-jin Park, Kuen-ho Lee. Constructing a secure hacking-resistant IoT U-healthcare environment