Journal: Journal in Computer Virology

Volume 3, Issue 4

247 -- 251Anne Bonfante, Jean-Yves Marion. On the defence notion
253 -- 265Mihai Christodorescu, Somesh Jha, Johannes Kinder, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Helmut Veith. Software transformations to improve malware detection
267 -- 283Salima Hacini, Zahia Guessoum, Zizette Boufaïda. TAMAP: a new trust-based approach for mobile agent protection
285 -- 297Daniel Bilar. On callgraphs and generative mechanisms
299 -- 310Daniel Bilar. On callgraphs and generative mechanisms

Volume 3, Issue 3

195 -- 210Hervé Debar, Yohann Thomas, Frédéric Cuppens, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia. Enabling automated threat response through the use of a dynamic security policy
211 -- 219Chandra Prakash. B-tree with fixed node size and no minimum degree
221 -- 236Sébastien Josse. Secure and advanced unpacking using computer emulation
237 -- 245Alok Sharma, Kuldip K. Paliwal. Detecting masquerades using a combination of Naïve Bayes and weighted RBF approach

Volume 3, Issue 2

61 -- 0Rainer Fahs, Vlasti Broucek. Letter from the EICAR Chairman
63 -- 64Vlasti Broucek, Paul Turner. Foreword
65 -- 74Eric Filiol, Sébastien Josse. A statistical model for undecidable viral detection
75 -- 86Eric Filiol. Formalisation and implementation aspects of ::::K:::: -ary (malicious) codes
87 -- 92Markos Avlonitis, Emmanouil Magkos, Michalis Stefanidakis, Vassilios Chrissikopoulos. A spatial stochastic model for worm propagation: scale effects
93 -- 101Attila Ondi, Richard Ford. How good is good enough? Metrics for worm/anti-worm evaluation
103 -- 111Vinoo Thomas, Nitin Jyoti. Bot countermeasures
113 -- 123Sébastien Josse. Rootkit detection from outside the Matrix
125 -- 134Gerald Tripp. Regular expression matching with input compression: a hardware design for use within network intrusion detection systems
135 -- 141Jörg Preuß, Steven Furnell, Maria Papadaki. Considering the potential of criminal profiling to combat hacking
143 -- 148Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Richard E. Overill. On the role of the Facilitator in information security risk assessment
149 -- 161Urs E. Gattiker. Bologna process revisited: educating information security and malware experts
163 -- 184Linfeng Li, Marko Helenius. Usability evaluation of anti-phishing toolbars
185 -- 194Oliver Jorns, Oliver Jung, Gerald Quirchmayr. Transaction pseudonyms in mobile environments

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 2Guillaume Bonfante, Jean-Yves Marion. Foreword
3 -- 21Philippe Beaucamps, Eric Filiol. On the possibility of practically obfuscating programs towards a unified perspective of code protection
23 -- 37Eric Filiol, Grégoire Jacob, Mickaël Le Liard. Evaluation methodology and theoretical model for antiviral behavioural detection strategies
39 -- 49Benjamin Morin, Ludovic Mé. Intrusion detection and virology: an analysis of differences, similarities and complementariness
51 -- 60Radu State, Olivier Festor. Malware: a future framework for device, network and service management