Journal: Journal in Computer Virology

Volume 4, Issue 4

267 -- 278Hervé Aïache, François Haettel, Laure Lebrun, Cédric Tavernier. Improving security and performance of an Ad Hoc network through a multipath routing strategy
279 -- 287Gérard Wagener, Radu State, Alexandre Dulaunoy. Malware behaviour analysis
289 -- 306Matt Webster, Grant Malcolm. Formal affordance-based models of computer virus reproduction
307 -- 322Andrew Walenstein, Rachit Mathur, Mohamed R. Chouchane, Arun Lakhotia. Constructing malware normalizers using term rewriting
323 -- 334Yanfang Ye, Dingding Wang, Tao Li, Dongyi Ye, Qingshan Jiang. An intelligent PE-malware detection system based on association mining
335 -- 345Stanley J. Barr, Samuel J. Cardman, David M. Martin. A boosting ensemble for the recognition of code sharing in malware
347 -- 356Anthonius Sulaiman, Srinivas Mukkamala, Andrew H. Sung. SQL infections through RFID

Volume 4, Issue 3

159 -- 160Eric Filiol. Editorial
161 -- 178Martin Johns. On JavaScript Malware and related threats
179 -- 195Mike Ter Louw, Jin Soon Lim, V. N. Venkatakrishnan. Enhancing web browser security against malware extensions
197 -- 210Jaeyeon Jung, Rodolfo A. Milito, Vern Paxson. On the adaptive real-time detection of fast-propagating network worms
211 -- 220Jean-Marie Borello, Ludovic Mé. Code obfuscation techniques for metamorphic viruses
221 -- 234Jose Andre Morales, Peter J. Clarke, Yi Deng, B. M. Golam Kibria. Characterization of virus replication
235 -- 250Grégoire Jacob, Eric Filiol, Hervé Debar. Malware as interaction machines: a new framework for behavior modelling
251 -- 266Grégoire Jacob, Hervé Debar, Eric Filiol. Behavioral detection of malware: from a survey towards an established taxonomy

Volume 4, Issue 2

83 -- 100Nicolas Ruff. Windows memory forensics
101 -- 113Guillaume Duc, Ronan Keryell. Improving virus protection with an efficient secure architecture with memory encryption, integrity and information leakage protection
115 -- 125Philippe Lagadec. OpenDocument and Open XML security ( and MS Office 2007)
127 -- 136Eric Alata, Ion Alberdi, Vincent Nicomette, Philippe Owezarski, Mohamed Kaâniche. Internet attacks monitoring with dynamic connection redirection mechanisms
137 -- 157Éric Lacombe, Frédéric Raynal, Vincent Nicomette. Rootkit modeling and experiments under Linux

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 3Philippe Biondi, Eric Filiol. Foreword
5 -- 23Xavier Allamigeon, Charles Hymans. Static analysis by abstract interpretation: application to the detection of heap overflows
25 -- 37Laurent Butti, Julien Tinnés. Discovering and exploiting 802.11 wireless driver vulnerabilities
73 -- 81Simon Marechal. Advances in password cracking