Journal: Journal in Computer Virology

Volume 5, Issue 4

271 -- 282Safaa O. Al-Mamory, Hongli Zhang. IDS alerts correlation using grammar-based approach
283 -- 293Yanfang Ye, Lifei Chen, Dingding Wang, Tao Li, Qingshan Jiang, Min Zhao. SBMDS: an interpretable string based malware detection system using SVM ensemble with bagging
295 -- 308Robert Moskovitch, Dima Stopel, Clint Feher, Nir Nissim, Nathalie Japkowicz, Yuval Elovici. Unknown malcode detection and the imbalance problem
309 -- 320Duc T. Ha, Hung Q. Ngo. On the trade-off between speed and resiliency of Flash worms and similar malcodes
321 -- 334Sébastien Josse. White-box attack context cryptovirology
335 -- 343Matthew Hayes, Andrew Walenstein, Arun Lakhotia. Evaluation of malware phylogeny modelling systems using automated variant generation
345 -- 355Katherine Hoffman, Attila Ondi, Richard Ford, Marco Carvalho, Derek Brown, William H. Allen, Gerald A. Marin. Danger theory and collaborative filtering in MANETs
357 -- 364Markos Avlonitis, Emmanouil Magkos, Michalis Stefanidakis, Vassilios Chrissikopoulos. Treating scalability and modelling human countermeasures against local preference worms via gradient models

Volume 5, Issue 3

171 -- 186Mehdi Talbi, Mohamed Mejri, Adel Bouhoula. Specification and evaluation of polymorphic shellcode properties using a new temporal logic
187 -- 198Madhu K. Shankarapani, Anthonius Sulaiman, Srinivas Mukkamala. Fragmented malware through RFID and its defenses
199 -- 207Pavel V. Zbitskiy. Code mutation techniques by means of formal grammars and automatons
209 -- 219Philippe Beaucamps. Extended recursion-based formalization of virus mutation
221 -- 245Matt Webster, Grant Malcolm. Detection of metamorphic and virtualization-based malware using algebraic specification
247 -- 261Grégoire Jacob, Eric Filiol, Hervé Debar. Functional polymorphic engines: formalisation, implementation and use cases
263 -- 270Guillaume Bonfante, Matthieu Kaczmarek, Jean-Yves Marion. Architecture of a morphological malware detector

Volume 5, Issue 2

89 -- 0Ulrich Flegel, Eric Filiol. Editorial
91 -- 104Loïc Duflot. CPU bugs, CPU backdoors and consequences on security
105 -- 117Damien Aumaitre. A little journey inside Windows memory
119 -- 149Yoann Guillot, Alexandre Gazet. Semi-automatic binary protection tampering
151 -- 169Srilatha Attaluri, Scott McGhee, Mark Stamp. Profile hidden Markov models and metamorphic virus detection

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 3Daniel Bilar, Eric Filiol. Editors/translators Foreword