Journal: IEEE Veh. Technol. Mag.

Volume 5, Issue 4

3 -- 0Charles Backof. Mobile Radio and Land Transportation [From the Editor]
4 -- 7Bill Fleming. Battery Switching, Driving Dynamics, and Touch-Screen Control Input [Automotive Electronics]
8 -- 16Javier Gozálvez. US Plan to Release 500MHz of Spectrum [Mobile Radio]
17 -- 20Harvey Glickenstein. Electric Locomotives [Transportation]
21 -- 23Bih-Yuan Ku. Report on VTS Land Transportation Activities [Land Transportation Activities]
24 -- 30Dennis Bodson. Digital Audio Around the World
31 -- 39Rong Zhang 0001, Lajos Hanzo. Wireless Cellular Networks
40 -- 49Dimitris E. Charilas, Athansios D. Panagopoulous. Multiaccess Radio Network Enviroments
50 -- 55Greg Hann. Incremental Train Control System
56 -- 65Julius Stroffek, Eduard Kuriscak, Petr Marsalek. Highway Toll Enforcement
66 -- 69Dennis Bodson. New IEEE Standards [Standards]
70 -- 71Don Hendrickson. Around the IEEE-VTS

Volume 5, Issue 3

3 -- 0Charles Backof. Latest Technologies in the Wireless World [From the Editor]
4 -- 6Bill Fleming. U.S. Congress Motor Vehicle Safety Action [Automotive Electronics]
7 -- 13Javier Gozálvez. Long-Term Evolution: 1 Gb/s and Beyond [Mobile Radio]
14 -- 90Harvey Glickenstein. Metro Rails [Transportation Systems]
20 -- 21Widad Ismail, Christopher Labrador, Mario Hoffmann. Future Research in Mobile and Wireless Communications [From the Guest Editors]
22 -- 29Klaus David, Dudhir Dixit, Nigel Jefferies. 2020 Vision
30 -- 38Joffray Guillory, Sylvain Meyer, Isbelle Sianud, Anne-Marie Ulmer-Moll, Benoît Charbonnier, Anna Pizzinat, Catherine Algani. Radio-Over-Fiber Architectures
39 -- 45Mahdi Pirmoradian, Christos Politis. Cumulative Interference
46 -- 53Rozeha A. Rashid, Norazizah Mohd Aripin, Norsheila Fisal, Sharifah Haizah Syed Ariffin, Sharifah Kamilah Syed Yusof. Integration of Cooperative Sensing and Transmission
54 -- 60Anwer Al-Dulaimi, Hamed S. Al-Raweshidy, John Cosmas, Jonathan Loo. Cognitive Mesh Networks
61 -- 67Sumaru Niida, Satoshi Uemura, Hajime Nakamura. Mobile Services
68 -- 74Julian Schütte, Tobias Wahl. Interdomain Policy Conflicts
75 -- 81Bih-Yuan Ku. Grade-Crossing Safety
82 -- 89Ashwin E. Amanna, Manik Gadnhiok, Matthew J. Price, Jeffrey H. Reed, W. Pam Siriwongpairat, T. Kee Himsoon. Railway Cognitive Radio
91 -- 0Hannes Hartenstein. Vehicular Traffic Flow Theory: Three, Not Two Phases [review of "Introduction to Modern Traffic Flow Theory and Control: The Long Road to Three-Phase Traffic Theory; Kerner, B.S.; 2009) ]
92 -- 95Don Hendrickson. Around the VTS

Volume 5, Issue 2

3 -- 0Charles Backof. Mobile Radio and Land Transportation [From the Editor]
4 -- 7Bill Fleming. Global Positioning System and Telematics [Automotive Electronics]
8 -- 16Javier Gozálvez. First Commercial LTE Network [Mobile Radio]
17 -- 20Harvey Glickenstein. New Developments in Land Transportation [Transportation Systems]
22 -- 27John D. Swanson, Clive Thornes. Light-Rail Transit Systems
28 -- 41Mugen Peng, Wenbo Wang, Hsiao-Hwa Chen. TD-SCDMA Evolution
42 -- 48Mohammed El-Hajjar, Lajos Hanzo. Dispensing with Channel Estimation..
49 -- 50Dennis Bodson. Ethernet Passive Optical Networks - A New Communications Standard [Standards]
51 -- 54Don Hendrickson. New VTS Coordinators, Conferences, and Members [VTS News]

Volume 5, Issue 1

3 -- 0Charles Backof. 3-D Mobile Internet [From the Editor]
4 -- 103Bill Flemming. New Technologies in Electric-Powered Vehicles [Automotive Electronics]
9 -- 14Javier Gozálvez. Green Radio Technologies [Mobile Radio]
15 -- 20Harvey Glickenstein. Rail News [Transportation Systems]
21 -- 22James Womak, Amardeo Sarma, Olaf Drögehorn. IEEE VT Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) Journal Series [From the Guest Editors]
24 -- 30Maria del Puy Carretero, Amalia Ortiz, David Oyarzun, Isabel Torre, María Teresa Linaza, Alejandro M. García-Alonso. Multiplatform 3-D Graphics
31 -- 38Eamonn O'Neill, John P. Collomosse, Tim Jay, Kharsim Yousef, Martin Rieser, Simon L. Jones. Older User Experience
39 -- 47Marius Preda, Ivica Arsov, Francisco Morán. COLLADA + MPEG-4 OR X3D + MPEG-4
48 -- 54Lene Sorensen, Hanne Westh Nicolajsen. Service Innovations
55 -- 61Jussi Laakkonen, Tommi Kallonen, Kari Heikkinen, Jari Porras. Usability of Music for Social Inclusion of Children
62 -- 69Hong Li, Chenghui Peng, Bojie Li, Yuhua Chen, Wei Zhang, Jianjun Wu, Hua Huang. User ID Routing Architecture
70 -- 76Klaus David, Alexander Flach. CAR-2-X and Pedestrian Safety
77 -- 84George Dimitrakopoulos, Panagiotis Demestichas. Intelligent Transportation Systems
85 -- 90Levon Nazaryan, Emmanouil A. Panaousis, Christos Politis. End-to-End Security Protection
91 -- 96Amr Ismail, Hikmet Sari, Jocelyn Fiorina. A Pragmatic Approach Space-Time Code Design
97 -- 99Dennis Bodson. IEEE-Approved Standards [Standards]
100 -- 103Don Hendrickson. VTS 2008 Chapter of the Year [VTS News]