Journal: IEEE Veh. Technol. Mag.

Volume 6, Issue 4

3 -- 0Charles Backof. A Valuable Tool for Technology Dissemination [From the Editor]
4 -- 9Javier Gozálvez. Long-Term Evolution advanced Demonstrations [Mobile Radio]
10 -- 14Harvey Glickenstein. Illinois Passes Major Public Transportation Legislation [Transportation Systems]
16 -- 23Nicholas Bonello, Sheng Chen 0001, Lajos Hanzo. Design of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes
24 -- 37Ennio Rossi, Carlo Villante. A Hybrid City Car
38 -- 48Nan Wu 0001, Shinya Sugiura, Lajos Hanzo. Coherent Versus Noncoherent
49 -- 59Nan Xu, Weijia Jia 0001, Yisha Luo, Fan Zhang, Dong Xuan, Jin Teng. An Opened Eye on you
60 -- 67Wonyong Yoon. WiMAX and Bluetooth
68 -- 73Xiaocui Zhou, Wei Sun, Guorui Zhao, Yu Wang. Automotive Shift
75 -- 77Dennis Bodson. Google's New Patent Armor [Standards]

Volume 6, Issue 3

3 -- 0Charles Backof. Constitution of Our New Team [From the Editor]
4 -- 8Bill Fleming. Microcontroller Units in Automobiles [Automotive Electronics]
9 -- 15Javier Gozálvez. Mobile Traffic Expected to Grow More Than 30-Fold [Mobile Radio]
16 -- 19Harvey Glickenstein. New Trams for West Lyon [Transportation Systems]
20 -- 21Knud Erik Skouby, Adnan A. Abu-Dayya, Sang G. Kim. Wireless Solutions for Vertical Markets [From the Guest Editors]
22 -- 26Jianmin Jiang, James Charles, Konstantinos Demestichas. ECOGEM: A European Framework-7 Project
27 -- 33Benjamin Eller, Jean-François Hétet. Impact of Mounting Blocks on Drivability
34 -- 42Shuming Chen, Dengfeng Wang. Car Interior Noise
43 -- 51Falko Dressler, Christoph Sommer 0001, David Eckhoff, Ozan K. Tonguz. Toward Realistic Simulation of Intervehicle Communication
52 -- 59Vera Stavroulaki, Kostas Tsagkaris, Marios Logothetis, Andreas Georgakopoulos, Panagiotis Demestichas, Jens Gebert, Marcin Filo. Opportunistic Networks
60 -- 69Jide Julius Popoola, Rex van Olst. A Novel Modulation-Sensing Method
70 -- 79Joseph K. Adjei, Henning Olesen. Keeping Identity Private
80 -- 87Klaus David, Sian Lun Lau, Bernd Niklas Klein. Social Link APP
88 -- 98Daniel M. O. Adjin, Reza Tadayoni. Development of a Technoeconomic Model
99 -- 105R. W. Benjamin Stell. Maximum Permissible Rail Potential
107 -- 110Dennis Bodson. One-Size-Fits-All Mobile Phone Charger [Standards]
111 -- 117Bih-Yuan Ku, Elisabeth Uhlemann. Report on Rail Conference and Wireless Communications [VTS News]

Volume 6, Issue 2

3 -- 0Charles Backof. Trends in Mobile Radio Channels [From the Editor]
4 -- 8Bill Fleming. New Innovative ICs [Automotive Electronics]
9 -- 13Javier Gozálvez. Heterogeneous Wireless Networks [Mobile Radio]
14 -- 20Harvey Glickenstein. SM Card Advances [Transportation Systems]
21 -- 22Matthias Pätzold 0001, Andreas F. Molisch, Claude Oestges. Trends in Mobile Radio Channels-Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation [From the Guest Editors]
24 -- 32Theodore S. Rappaport, James Murdock, David G. Michelson, R. Shapiro. An Open-Source Archiving System
33 -- 43Batool Talha, Matthias Pätzold 0001. Channel Models for Mobile-to-Mobile Cooperative Communication Systems: A State of the Art Review
44 -- 53Pantelis-Daniel M. Arapoglou, Emmanouel T. Michailidis, Athanasios D. Panagopoulos, Athanasios G. Kanatas, Roberto Prieto-Cerdeira. The Land Mobile Earth-Space Channel
54 -- 62Lars Reichardt, Juan Pontes, Werner Wiesbeck, Thomas Zwick. Virtual Drives in Vehicular Communication
63 -- 72Jinyun Ren, Ping Hui, Rodney G. Vaughan. Absolute Phase for Mobile Channels
73 -- 81Alvaro Valcarce, Guillaume de la Roche, Lajos Nagy, Jean-Frédéric Wagen, Jean-Marie Gorce. A New Trend in Propagation Prediction
82 -- 91Krzysztof Bakowski, Krzysztof Wesolowski. Change the Channel
92 -- 100Jianhua Zhang 0001, Guangyi Liu, Fenghua Zhang, Lei Tian 0004, Nan Sheng, Ping Zhang 0003. Advanced International Communications
101 -- 103Dennis Bodson. IEEE Standards Revisions and Approvals [Standards]

Volume 6, Issue 1

3 -- 0Charles Backof. A Special Section from the WWRF [From the Editor]
4 -- 9Bill Fleming. Traffic Safety [Automotive Electronics]
10 -- 17Javier Gozálvez. New Mobile Energy-Efficiency Initiatives [Mobile Radio]
18 -- 23Harvey Glickenstein. China Becomes a Major Player in the Rail Market [Transportation Systems]
21 -- 23Christos Politis, Sudhir Dixit, Victor Leung. Wireless for the Next Generation [From the Guest Editors]
24 -- 30Panayiotis Kolios, Vasilis Friderikos, Katerina Papadaki 0001. Future Wireless Mobile Networks
31 -- 36Bilal Zafar 0001, Dominik Schulz, Soheyl Gherekhloo, Martin Haardt. Ad Hoc Networking Solutions
37 -- 43Jakob Hoydis, Mari Kobayashi, Mérouane Debbah. Green Small-Cell Networks
44 -- 51Saba Al-Rubaye, Anwer Al-Dulaimi, John Cosmas. Cognitive Femtocell
52 -- 59Andreas U. Schmidt, Andreas Leicher, Yogendra Shah, Inhyok Cha, Louis Guccione. Sender Scorecards
60 -- 67Seppo Heikkinen, Santeri Siltala. Service Usage Accounting
68 -- 70Dennis Bodson. Drive for Energy Consumption [Standards]
71 -- 72Don Hendrickson. Around the IEEE-VTS [VTS News]