Journal: Wiley Interdisc. Rew.: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Volume 11, Issue 6

0 -- 0Yunlong Zhao, Linwei Ma, Zheng Li, Weidou Ni. The development of regional smart energy systems in the World and China: The concepts, practices, and a new perspective
0 -- 0Garima Jaiswal, Arun Sharma 0002, Sumit Kumar Yadav. Critical insights into modern hyperspectral image applications through deep learning
0 -- 0Palaiahnakote Shivakumara, Alireza Alaei, Umapada Pal 0001. Mining text from natural scene and video images: A survey
0 -- 0Ibrahim Jubran, Alaa Maalouf, Dan Feldman. Overview of accurate coresets
0 -- 0Zahra Abbasiantaeb, Saeedeh Momtazi. Text-based question answering from information retrieval and deep neural network perspectives: A survey

Volume 11, Issue 5

0 -- 0Ganesh Chandrasekaran, Tu N. Nguyen, Jude Hemanth D.. Multimodal sentimental analysis for social media applications: A comprehensive review
0 -- 0Zahid Hasan, Nirmalya Roy. Trending machine learning models in cyber-physical building environment: A survey
0 -- 0Plamen P. Angelov, Eduardo A. Soares, Richard M. Jiang, Nicholas I. Arnold, Peter M. Atkinson. Explainable artificial intelligence: an analytical review
0 -- 0Ce Yu, Kun Li, Yanxia Zhang, Jian Xiao 0001, Chenzhou Cui, Yihan Tao, Shanjiang Tang, Chao Sun, Chongke Bi. A survey on machine learning based light curve analysis for variable astronomical sources
0 -- 0Krittakom Srijiranon, Narissara Eiamkanitchat, Sakgasit Ramingwong, Kenneth Cosh, Lachana Ramingwong. Investigation of PM10 prediction utilizing data mining techniques: Analyze by topic

Volume 11, Issue 4

0 -- 0Glenda C. M. Amaral, Fernanda Araújo Baião, Giancarlo Guizzardi. Foundational ontologies, ontology-driven conceptual modeling, and their multiple benefits to data mining
0 -- 0Daniel Gustavo Goroso, Alvaro Fraga, Michel Macedo, Carla Fernanda de Miranda Rodrigues, Bruno Mendes de Oliveira Silva, William Tsutomu Watanabe, Diego Pereira da Silva, Robson Rodrigues da Silva, José Luis Puglisi, James Marcin, Madan Dharmar. Automatic segmentation to characterize anthropometric parameters and cardiovascular indicators in children
0 -- 0Wenxuan Liu, Junhua Zhao 0001, Dianhui Wang. Data mining for energy systems: Review and prospect
0 -- 0Nikhil Cherian Kurian, Amit Sethi, Anil Reddy Konduru, Abhishek Mahajan, Swapnil Ulhas Rane. A 2021 update on cancer image analytics with deep learning
0 -- 0Sara Bonfitto, Elena Casiraghi, Marco Mesiti. Table understanding approaches for extracting knowledge from heterogeneous tables
0 -- 0Yue Huang. Incorporating domain ontology information into clustering in heterogeneous networks
0 -- 0Namrata Bhattacharya, Colleen C. Nelson, Gaurav Ahuja, Debarka Sengupta. Big data analytics in single-cell transcriptomics: Five grand opportunities

Volume 11, Issue 3

0 -- 0Nilesh Chakraborty, Denis Lukovnikov, Gaurav Maheshwari 0001, Priyansh Trivedi, Jens Lehmann 0001, Asja Fischer. Introduction to neural network-based question answering over knowledge graphs
0 -- 0Vanessa Freitas Silva, Maria Eduarda Silva, Pedro Ribeiro 0004, Fernando Silva 0001. Time series analysis via network science: Concepts and algorithms
0 -- 0Ezgi Zorarpaci, Selma Ayse Özel. Privacy preserving classification over differentially private data
0 -- 0Wanting Ji, Yan Pang, Xiaoyun Jia, Zhongwei Wang, Feng Hou, Baoyan Song, Mingzhe Liu, Ruili Wang. Fuzzy rough sets and fuzzy rough neural networks for feature selection: A review
0 -- 0Jongwook Woo, Monika Mishra. Predicting the ratings of Amazon products using Big Data
0 -- 0Maroua Bahri, Albert Bifet, João Gama 0001, Heitor Murilo Gomes, Silviu Maniu. Data stream analysis: Foundations, major tasks and tools
0 -- 0Marian Cristian Mihaescu, Paul-Stefan Popescu. Review on publicly available datasets for educational data mining

Volume 11, Issue 2

0 -- 0Rohit Verma, Sandip Chakraborty. Smartphones for public transport planning and recommendation in developing countries - A review
0 -- 0Mostafa Haghir Chehreghani. Dynamical algorithms for data mining and machine learning over dynamic graphs
0 -- 0Amna Dridi, Mohamed Medhat Gaber, R. Muhammad Atif Azad, Jagdev Bhogal. Scholarly data mining: A systematic review of its applications
0 -- 0Ebtesam E. Shemis, Ammar Mohammed. A comprehensive review on updating concept lattices and its application in updating association rules
0 -- 0Yuankui Cao, Junqing Fan, Hong Cao, Yunliang Chen, Jie Li, Jianxin Li, Simin Zhang. Prediction model for recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma after resection by using neighbor2vec based algorithms
0 -- 0Isam A. Alobaidi, Jennifer L. Leopold, Ali A. Allami, Nathan W. Eloe, Dustin Tanksley. Predictive analysis of real-time strategy games: A graph mining approach
0 -- 0Ping Luo 0003, Bolin Chen, Bo Liao, Fang-Xiang Wu. Predicting disease-associated genes: Computational methods, databases, and evaluations

Volume 11, Issue 1

0 -- 0Manjari Pradhan, Bhargab B. Bhattacharya. A survey of digital circuit testing in the light of machine learning
0 -- 0Hongfei Jia, De-He Yang, Weiping Deng, Qing Wei, Wenliang Jiang. Predicting land surface temperature with geographically weighed regression and deep learning
0 -- 0Md. Ileas Pramanik, Raymond Y. K. Lau, Md. Sakir Hossain, Md-Mizanur Rahoman, Sumon Kumar Debnath, Md. Golam Rashed, Md. Zasim Uddin. Privacy preserving big data analytics: A critical analysis of state-of-the-art
0 -- 0Roberto Confalonieri 0001, Ludovik Coba, Benedikt Wagner, Tarek R. Besold. A historical perspective of explainable Artificial Intelligence
0 -- 0Luiz M. R. Gadelha Jr., Pedro C. de Siracusa, Eduardo Couto Dalcin, Luís Alexandre Estevão da Silva, Douglas Adriano Augusto, Eduardo Krempser, Helen Michelle Affe, Raquel Lopes Costa, Maria Luiza Mondelli, Pedro Milet Meirelles, Fabiano L. Thompson, Marcia Chame, Artur Ziviani, Marinez Ferreira de Siqueira. A survey of biodiversity informatics: Concepts, practices, and challenges
0 -- 0Bruhadeshwar Bezawada, Indrakshi Ray, Indrajit Ray. Behavioral fingerprinting of Internet-of-Things devices
0 -- 0Inda Kreso, Amra Kapo, Lejla Turulja. Data mining privacy preserving: Research agenda