Journal: Wiley Interdisc. Rew.: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Volume 9, Issue 6

0 -- 0Wei Peng, Achini Adikari, Damminda Alahakoon, John S. Gero. Discovering the influence of sarcasm in social media responses
0 -- 0Zenon A. Sosnowski, Lukasz Gadomer. Fuzzy trees and forests - Review
0 -- 0Marwan Hassani, Sebastiaan J. van Zelst, Wil M. P. van der Aalst. On the application of sequential pattern mining primitives to process discovery: Overview, outlook and opportunity identification
0 -- 0José María Luna, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Sebastián Ventura. Frequent itemset mining: A 25 years review
0 -- 0Rafael Ferreira Leite de Mello, Maverick Andre Dionisio Ferreira, Anderson Pinheiro Cavalcanti, Evandro Costa, Cristóbal Romero. Text mining in education

Volume 9, Issue 5

0 -- 0Kamran Soomro, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz Bhutta, Zaheer Khan 0003, Muhammad Atif Tahir. Smart city big data analytics: An advanced review
0 -- 0Ce Li, Pinjie Xu, Lijinliang Niu, Yuan Chen, Longshuai Sheng, Mingcun Liu. Tunnel crack detection using coarse-to-fine region localization and edge detection
0 -- 0Frank Emmert-Streib, Salissou Moutari, Matthias Dehmer. A comprehensive survey of error measures for evaluating binary decision making in data science
0 -- 0Wei-Yin Loh, Luxi Cao, Peigen Zhou. Subgroup identification for precision medicine: A comparative review of 13 methods
0 -- 0Kun He 0001, Wu Wang, Xiaosen Wang, John E. Hopcroft. A new anchor word selection method for the separable topic discovery
0 -- 0Frank Hoffmann 0001, Torsten Bertram, Ralf Mikut, Markus Reischl, Oliver Nelles. Benchmarking in classification and regression

Volume 9, Issue 4

0 -- 0Anand Handa, Ashu Sharma, Sandeep K. Shukla. Machine learning in cybersecurity: A review
0 -- 0Witold Pedrycz. Editorial
0 -- 0Seyed Mohssen Ghafari, Christos Tjortjis. A survey on association rules mining using heuristics
0 -- 0Van Du Nguyen 0001, Hai Bang Truong, Mercedes G. Merayo, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen. An overview on consensus-based approaches to processing collective inconsistency and knowledge integration
0 -- 0Sorin Adam Matei, Kerk F. Kee. Computational communication research
0 -- 0Annamalai Lakshmi, Anirban Chakraborty, Chetan Singh Thakur. Neuromorphic vision: From sensors to event-based algorithms
0 -- 0Andreas Bartschat, Markus Reischl, Ralf Mikut. Data mining tools
0 -- 0Faicel Chamroukhi, Hien Duy Nguyen. Model-based clustering and classification of functional data
0 -- 0Charles C. Margossian. A review of automatic differentiation and its efficient implementation
0 -- 0Andreas Holzinger, Georg Langs, Helmut Denk, Kurt Zatloukal, Heimo Müller. Causability and explainability of artificial intelligence in medicine

Volume 9, Issue 3

0 -- 0Kaushik K. Majumdar. Shannon versus semantic information processing in the brain
0 -- 0Mohamed Medhat Gaber, Adel Aneiba, Shadi Basurra, Oliver Batty, Ahmed M. Elmisery, Yevgeniya Kovalchuk, Muhammad Habib Ur Rehman. Internet of Things and data mining: From applications to techniques and systems
0 -- 0Asma ElAdel, Mourad Zaied, Chokri Ben Amar. Trained convolutional neural network based on selected beta filters for Arabic letter recognition
0 -- 0Nihan Gulsoy, Sinem Kulluk. A data mining application in credit scoring processes of small and medium enterprises commercial corporate customers
0 -- 0B. D. McCullough, Taha Mokfi, Mahsa Almaeenejad. On the accuracy of linear regression routines in some data mining packages
0 -- 0Isuru U. Hewapathirana. Change detection in dynamic attributed networks
0 -- 0Philipp Probst, Marvin N. Wright, Anne-Laure Boulesteix. Hyperparameters and tuning strategies for random forest
0 -- 0Yan Zhou, Murat Kantarcioglu, Bowei Xi. A survey of game theoretic approach for adversarial machine learning
0 -- 0Carmen Luque, José María Luna, Maria Luque, Sebastián Ventura. An advanced review on text mining in medicine
0 -- 0Ricardo Gacitua, Jose-Norberto Mazón, Ania Cravero. Using Semantic Web technologies in the development of data warehouses: A systematic mapping
0 -- 0Mamta Mittal, Lalit Mohan Goyal, D. Jude Hemanth, Jasleen K. Sethi. Clustering approaches for high-dimensional databases: A review

Volume 9, Issue 2

0 -- 0Enrique G. Rodrigo, Juan A. Aledo, José A. Gámez 0001. Machine learning from crowds: A systematic review of its applications
0 -- 0Jorge Lobo 0001. Relationship-based access control: More than a social network access control model
0 -- 0Fátima Leal, Benedita Malheiro, Juan-Carlos Burguillo. Analysis and prediction of hotel ratings from crowdsourced data
0 -- 0Adriano Soares Koshiyama, Ricardo Tanscheit, Marley M. B. R. Vellasco. Automatic synthesis of fuzzy systems: An evolutionary overview with a genetic programming perspective
0 -- 0László Barna Iantovics, Corina Rotar, Florica Morar. Survey on establishing the optimal number of factors in exploratory factor analysis applied to data mining
0 -- 0Mário Rodrigues, Maribel Yasmina Santos, Jorge Bernardino. Big data processing tools: An experimental performance evaluation
0 -- 0Isaac Triguero, Diego García-Gil, Jesús Maillo, Julián Luengo, Salvador García, Francisco Herrera. Transforming big data into smart data: An insight on the use of the k-nearest neighbors algorithm to obtain quality data
0 -- 0Xiao Zhang, Yun Liao, Shizhong Liao. A survey on online kernel selection for online kernel learning
0 -- 0Emre Göynügür, Murat Sensoy, Geeth de Mel. Enabling smart environments through scalable policy reasoning and Internet of Things

Volume 9, Issue 1

0 -- 0Cunrui Wang, Qingling Zhang 0001, Wanquan Liu, Yu Liu, Lixin Miao. Facial feature discovery for ethnicity recognition
0 -- 0Shan Suthaharan. Big data analytics: Machine learning and Bayesian learning perspectives - What is done? What is not?
0 -- 0Guoqiang Zhong 0001, Xiao Ling, Li-na Wang. From shallow feature learning to deep learning: Benefits from the width and depth of deep architectures
0 -- 0Christian von Lücken, Carlos A. Brizuela, Benjamín Barán. An overview on evolutionary algorithms for many-objective optimization problems
0 -- 0Loan N. N. Do, Neda Taherifar, Hai Le Vu. Survey of neural network-based models for short-term traffic state prediction