Alarm Prioritization and Diagnosis for Cellular Networks

Gabriela F. Ciocarlie, Eric Yeh, Christopher Connolly, Cherita Corbett, Ulf Lindqvist, Henning Sanneck, Kimmo Hätönen, Szabolcs Nováczki, Muhammad Naseer ul Islam, Borislava Gajic. Alarm Prioritization and Diagnosis for Cellular Networks. In Ramón Agüero, Thomas Zinner, Mario García-Lozano, Bernd-Ludwig Wenning, Andreas Timm-Giel, editors, Mobile Networks and Management - 7th International Conference, MONAMI 2015, Santander, Spain, September 16-18, 2015, Revised Selected Papers. Volume 158 of Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, pages 28-42, Springer, 2015. [doi]


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