The Zypher Meta Object Protocol

Serge Demeyer, Patrick Steyaert, Koen De Hondt, Wim Codenie, Roel Wuyts, Theo D'Hondt. The Zypher Meta Object Protocol. In Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems --- Hypertext '96. Department of Information and Computer Science --- University of California Irvine --- CA 92717-3425, apr 1996.


This paper discusses the necessity of a meta object protocol in the design of an open hypermedia system. It shows that a meta object protocol enables to tailor the behaviour and configuration of the hypermedia system, independent of its constituting elements. The approach is demonstrated by means of the Zypher Open Hypermedia Framework, where the meta object protocol eases the incorporation of system services (i.e. caching, logging, authority control and integrity control) and flexible reconfiguration (i.e. run-time extensibility and cross-platform portability).