Towards a Multiagent Approach for the VERDINO Prototype

Evelio J. González, Leopoldo Acosta, Alberto F. Hamilton, Jonatán Felipe, Marta Sigut, Jonay Toledo, Rafael Arnay. Towards a Multiagent Approach for the VERDINO Prototype. In Sigeru Omatu, Miguel Rocha, José Bravo, Florentino Fernández Riverola, Emilio Corchado, Andrés Bustillo, Juan M. Corchado, editors, Distributed Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Soft Computing, and Ambient Assisted Living, 10th International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, IWANN 2009 Workshops, Salamanca, Spain, June 10-12, 2009. Proceedings, Part II. Volume 5518 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 21-24, Springer, 2009. [doi]


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