A textual domain specific language for AUTOSAR

Andreas Graf, Markus Völter. A textual domain specific language for AUTOSAR. In Holger Giese, Michaela Huhn, Ulrich Nickel, Bernhard Schätz, editors, Dagstuhl-Workshop MBEES: Modellbasierte Entwicklung eingebetteter Systeme V, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, 2009, Tagungsband Modellbasierte Entwicklung eingebetteter Systeme. Volume 2009-01 of Informatik-Bericht, pages 165-170, TU Braunschweig, Institut für Software Systems Engineering, 2009. [doi]


AUTOSAR is a development partnership formed by leading OEMs and suppliers. The AUTOSAR specifications include a meta-model and a graphical notation that is used to specify E/E systems. However, experience from other software projects has shown that textual DSL have several advantages over graphical modelling. We address the problems of modelling AUTOSAR systems with graphical tools and show how these problems can be mended by a textual domain specific language. We suggest a number of steps that are necessary to design a textual DSL for AUTOSAR. This document focuses on AUTOSAR, but its results and conclusions can be applied to all complex embedded systems.