The Mitosis Speculative Multithreaded Architectures

Carlos Madriles, Carlos García Quiñones, F. Jesús Sánchez, Pedro Marcuello, Antonio González. The Mitosis Speculative Multithreaded Architectures. In Gerhard R. Joubert, Wolfgang E. Nagel, Frans J. Peters, Oscar G. Plata, P. Tirado, Emilio L. Zapata, editors, Parallel Computing: Current & Future Issues of High-End Computing, Proceedings of the International Conference ParCo 2005, 13-16 September 2005, Department of Computer Architecture, University of Malaga, Spain. Volume 33 of John von Neumann Institute for Computing Series, pages 27-40, Central Institute for Applied Mathematics, Jülich, Germany, 2005.


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