Refactoring in Feature-Oriented Programming: Open Issues

Ilie Savga, Florian Heidenreich. Refactoring in Feature-Oriented Programming: Open Issues. In In Proceedings of the Workshop on Modularization, Composition, and Generative Techniques for Product Line Engineering, Proceedings. Department of Informatics and Mathematics, University of Passau, oct 2008.


Similar to refactoring, feature-oriented programming can be seen as a metaprogramming paradigm, in which programs are values and composition operators transform programs to programs. In this position paper we discuss open issues of applying refactoring in the context of feature-oriented programming. First, we elaborate on the role of refactoring in maintaining features and their implementations as well as the impact of refactoring on the relation between the prob- lem and solution spaces. Second, we discuss issues of relating well-known refactoring formalisms to existing formal approaches used in feature-oriented programming. Third, we suggest to use refactoring semantics to upgrade and test final products of a product line.