Demonstration-based Approach to Support Live Transformations in a Model Editor

Yu Sun, Jeffrey G. Gray, Christoph Wienands, Michael Golm, Jules White. Demonstration-based Approach to Support Live Transformations in a Model Editor. In Jordi Cabot, Eelco Visser, editors, Theory and Practice of Model Transformations, Fourth International Conference, ICMT 2011, Zurich, Switzerland, June 27-28, 2011. Proceedings. Volume 6707 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 213-228, Springer, 2011.


Complex model editing activities are frequently performed to realize various model evolution tasks (e.g., model scalability, weaving aspects into models, and model refactoring). In order to automate and reuse patterns of model editing, an editing process can be regarded as an endogenous model transformation and specified as transformation rules. However, the use of traditional model transformation languages often presents a steep learning curve. Other challenges in using model transformations to automate editing tasks include insufficient support for sharing the transformations that perform the editing tasks, and a lack of automated guidance on how to use a specific transformation in some other modeling context. This paper presents a live model transformation approach that can enhance and assist model editing activities. By extending the Model Transformation By Demonstration (MTBD) approach, LiveMTBD offers users flexibility in specifying the transformation, a centralized repository to assist with transformation sharing, and a live model transformation matching engine to suggest applicable transformations during model-edit time.