An Evaluation of Dynamic Web Service Composition Approaches

Ravi Khadka, Brahmananda Sapkota. An Evaluation of Dynamic Web Service Composition Approaches. SciTePress,, July 2010.

Conference: 4th International Workshop on Architectures, Concepts and Technologies for Service Oriented Computing - ACT4SOC 2010


Web Services composition has received much interest from both the academic researchers and industry to support cross-enterprise application integration. Promising research projects and their prototypes are being developed. At the same time the web service environment is getting more dynamic as numerous web services are being published by the service providers in the Internet. To meet the users requirements regarding on-demand delivery of customized services, dynamic web service composition approaches have emerged. But still many compositional issues have to be overcome like dynamic discovery of services, compositional correctness, transactional supports etc. In this paper we discuss some of these issues and then investigate some of the representative dynamic web service composition approaches. We evaluate those approaches on the basis of the issues and present how the future research can benefit by addressing those issues of dynamic web service composition.