Betterment Proposal to Multipath Fading Channels Potential to MIMO Systems

Reinaldo Padilha França, Yuzo Iano, Ana Carolina Borges Monteiro, Rangel Arthur, Vania Vieira Estrela, Vânia V. Estrela, Vania Vieira Estrela, Vania Vieira Estrela, Vania Vieira Estrela. Betterment Proposal to Multipath Fading Channels Potential to MIMO Systems. In Proceedings of the 4th Brazilian Technology Symposium (BTSym'18). BTSym 2018. . Volume 140 of Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, pages 115-130, Springer Cham, Campinas, SP, Brazil, 2019. [doi]


The behavior of a system is studied through a simulation model. Once developed and validated, the simulation model can be used to investigate a wide variety of issues, as well as propose improvements. This research objective is to propose a novel simulation paradigm to improve the transmission of content in wireless telecommunication systems. The simulation environment employs a pre-coding process of bits based on the application of a technique relying on discrete events and signals before the modulation process. The signal transmission on the channel occurs in the discrete domain with the implementation of discrete entities in the process of bit generation applied at a low level of abstraction in a wireless telecommunication system. The simulation considered the advanced differential binary phase shift keying (DBPSK) as the modulation format for signal transmission in an AWGN channel, using different hardware platforms and in the studies. The results show improvements ranging from 9 to 35% in memory utilization, related to information compression, in the context of the research.