A Self-Adaptive Deployment Framework for Service-Oriented Systems

Sander van der Burg, Eelco Dolstra. A Self-Adaptive Deployment Framework for Service-Oriented Systems. In 6th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS). ACM, May 2011.


Deploying components of a service-oriented system in a network of machines is often a complex and labourious process. Usually the environment in which such systems are deployed is dynamic: any machine in the network may crash, network links may temporarily fail, and so on. Such events may render the system partially or completely unusable. If an event occurs, it is difficult and expensive to redeploy the system to the take the new circumstances into account.

In this paper we present a self-adaptive deployment framework built on top of Disnix, a model-driven distributed deployment tool for service-oriented systems. This framework dynamically discovers machines in the network and generates a mapping of components to machines based on non-functional properties. Disnix is then invoked to automatically, reliably and efficiently redeploy the system.