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daDecision Analysis
daachDigit. Appl. Archaeol. Cult. Heritage
dafesDesign Autom. for Emb. Sys.
dagstuhl-manifestosDagstuhl Manifestos
dagstuhl-reportsDagstuhl Reports
DAMDiscrete Applied Mathematics
daseData Science and Engineering
datamineData Min. Knowl. Discov.
datasciData Sci.
datascienceData Science Journal
dcDistributed Computing
dccDes. Codes Cryptography
dcgDiscrete & Computational Geometry
DEBUIEEE Data Eng. Bull.
decanDecision Analytics
dedsDiscrete Event Dynamic Systems
dgaDynamic Games and Applications
dhqDigital Humanities Quarterly
diDigital Investigation
didacticaInformatica Didactica
digearthInt. J. Digital Earth
dintData Intell.
discACM SIGMOD Digital Symposium Collection
disoptDiscrete Optimization
DKEData \& Knowledge Engineering
dlibD-Lib Magazine
DMDiscrete Mathematics
dmaaDiscrete Math., Alg. and Appl.
dmgtDiscussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory
dmtcsDiscrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science
dnDocument Numérique
dpdDistributed and Parallel Databases
dqData Quality Journal
drACM SIGMOD Digital Review
dseDistributed Systems Engineering
dsjDecision Sciences
dsonlineIEEE Distributed Systems Online
dspDigital Signal Processing
dssDecision Support Systems
dtIEEE Design & Test of Computers
dtjDigital Technical Journal
dudDatenschutz und Datensicherheit