Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 14, Issue 5-6

377 -- 378Stefaan Caenepeel. Categorical Methods in Hopf Algebras
379 -- 409Jawad Y. Abuhlail. Fully Coprime Comodules and Fully Coprime Corings
411 -- 419J. N. Alonso Álvarez, J. M. Fernández Vilaboa, R. González Rodríguez, A. B. Rodríguez Raposo. Invertible Weak Entwining Structures and Weak ::::C::::-cleft Extensions
421 -- 430M. J. Asensio, C. Nastasescu, Blas Torrecillas. Gabriel Dimension for Graded Rings
431 -- 469Gabriella Böhm, Tomasz Brzezinski. Cleft Extensions of Hopf Algebroids
471 -- 501Tomasz Brzezinski, Ryan B. Turner. The Galois Theory of Matrix ::::C::::-rings
503 -- 530Daniel Bulacu, Blas Torrecillas. Two-sided Two-cosided Hopf Modules and Yetter-Drinfeld Modules for Quasi-Hopf Algebras
531 -- 537Stefaan Caenepeel, D. Quinn, S. Raianu. Duality for Finite Hopf Algebras Explained by Corings
539 -- 565Stefaan Caenepeel, E. De Groot, J. Vercruysse. Constructing Infinite Comatrix Corings from Colimits
567 -- 577S. Dascalescu, C. Nastasescu, A. Tudorache, L. Daus. Relative Regular Objects in Categories
579 -- 598J. Gómez-Torrecillas. Comonads and Galois Corings
599 -- 604Miodrag-Cristian Iovanov. The Splitting Problem for Coalgebras: A Direct Approach
605 -- 625Lars Kadison. Codepth Two and Related Topics
627 -- 632Florin Panaite, Freddy Van Oystaeyen. Some Bialgebroids Constructed by Kadison and Connes-Moscovici are Isomorphic

Volume 14, Issue 4

273 -- 289Michel Hébert. l-presentable Morphisms, Injectivity and (Weak) Factorization Systems
291 -- 311Valentina Rossi. Admissible Galois Structures and Coverings in Regular Mal cev Categories
313 -- 350Domenico Fiorenza. Sums over Graphs and Integration over Discrete Groupoids
351 -- 355Richard N. Ball, Joanne Walters-Wayland. Well-Embedding and ::::G::::::::::delta::::::-Density in a Pointfree Setting
357 -- 376George Voutsadakis. Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Leibniz Equality and Homomorphism Theorems

Volume 14, Issue 3

191 -- 214Marco Grandis. Absolute Lax 2-categories
215 -- 227G. Zeibig. Coherence for Product Monoids and their Actions
229 -- 241Margarida Dias, Manuela Sobral. Descent for Priestley Spaces
243 -- 249Mojgan Mahmoudi, Christoph Schubert, Walter Tholen. Universality of Coproducts in Categories of Lax Algebras
251 -- 258A. Gerlo, Eva Vandersmissen, C. Van Olmen. Sober Approach Spaces are Firmly Reflective for the Class of Epimorphic Embeddings
259 -- 272Anneliese Schauerte. Notions of Local Compactness and Smallest Compactifications of Biframes

Volume 14, Issue 2

99 -- 110S. N. Hosseini, S. Sh. Mousavi. A Relation Between Closure Operators on a Small Category and Its Category of Presheaves
111 -- 121S. Verwulgen. An Isometric Representation of the Dual of C(X, R)
123 -- 134Christophe Van Olmen, Stijn Verwulgen. Every Banach Space is Reflexive
135 -- 150Ales Pultr, Anna Tozzi. Some Categorical Aspects of Information Systems and Domains
151 -- 164Rachid El Harti, Gábor Lukács. Bounded and Unitary Elements in Pro-::::C::::*-algebras
165 -- 190Bernhard Banaschewski, Ales Pultr. A General View of Approximation

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 34Harold Simmons. Regularity, Fitness, and the Block Structure of Frames
35 -- 61Jorge Martínez, Eric Richard Zenk. Nuclear Typing of Frames ::::vs:::: Spatial Selectors
63 -- 80Christian Dzierzon. On an Essentially Algebraic Theory for Locally Presentable Categories
81 -- 98George Voutsadakis. Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Partially Ordered Algebraic Systems