Journal: Comput. Appl. Math.

Volume 43, Issue 2

79 -- 0Julia Calatayud Gregori. A note on the mean-square solution of the hypergeometric differential equation with uncertainties
80 -- 0Habib-ur Rehman, Poom Kumam, Vasile Berinde, Wiyada Kumam. Non-monotonic and self-adaptive strongly convergent iterative methods for efficiently solving variational inequalities with pseudomonotone operators
81 -- 0Somia Boumimez, Carlos Castro. Numerical approximation of the boundary control for the wave equation in a square domain with a spectral collocation method
82 -- 0Huiqing Xie. Robust partial quadratic pole assignment of asymmetric systems using receptances
83 -- 0Ana Maria Bertone, Rosana Motta Jafelice, Flávio Alexandre Falcão Nascimento. Modeling approach for the parameters of von Bertalanffy growth equation
84 -- 0Raziyeh Erfanifar, Masoud Hajarian. I with Einstein product
85 -- 0Davood Bakhshesh, Michael A. Henning, Dinabandhu Pradhan. Singleton coalition graph chains
86 -- 0Tapan Saha, Pallav Jyoti Pal. Unveiling the dynamics of canard cycles and global behaviour in a singularly perturbed predator-prey system with Allee effect in predator
87 -- 0Hongzhang Chen, Jianxi Li, Wai Chee Shiu. Spectral bounds for the vulnerability parameters of graphs
88 -- 0Jean-Paul Chehab. The symbol approximation method: a numerical approach to the approximation of the symbol of self-adjoint operators
89 -- 0Syed Irtaza Hassnain, Wutiphol Sintunavarat. On refined rational convex contractions with applications to matrix and implicit functional integral equations
90 -- 0Ayesha Razzaq, Muhammad Riaz 0002. Picture fuzzy soft-max Einstein interactive weighted aggregation operators with applications
91 -- 0He Liu, Zhenyu Jin, Jianrong Wu. The separation of convex sets and the Krein-Milman theorem in fuzzy quasi-normed space
92 -- 0Gentian Zavalani, Elima Shehu, Michael Hecht. A note on the rate of convergence of integration schemes for closed surfaces
93 -- 0J. Vanterler da C. Sousa. Existence of nontrivial solutions to fractional Kirchhoff double phase problems
94 -- 0Hamza Boughambouz, Lemnaouar Zedam, Bernard De Baets. A holistic approach to the composition of ternary relations
95 -- 0Ramy F. Taki ElDin. Matrix product and quasi-twisted codes in one class
96 -- 0Fengying Han, Dongmei Yang, Junchao Ren. Finite-time sliding mode control for uncertain singular systems with one-side Lipschitz nonlinearities and time-varying delays
97 -- 0Shi-Ping Tang, Ai-Li Yang, Jian-Lin Zhou, Yu-Jiang Wu. R. Chan's circulant-based approximate inverse preconditioning iterative method for solving second-order space fractional advection-dispersion equations with variable coefficients
98 -- 0Silvio Antônio Bueno Salgado, Otávio José de Rezende Silveira, Sérgio Martins de Souza, Onofre Rojas Santos. Fuzzy modeling of a class of linear oscillators and its application to electric circuits
99 -- 0Mohammed Al-Refai, Arran Fernandez. Comparison principles for a class of general integro-differential inequalities with applications
100 -- 0Mengya Feng, Tongjun Sun. Adaptive perturbation method for optimal control problem governed by stochastic elliptic PDEs
101 -- 0Mohsen Ebrahimi, Esmat Sadat Alaviyan Shahri, Alireza Alfi. A graphical method-based Kharitonov theorem for robust stability analysis of incommensurate fractional-order uncertain systems
102 -- 0Muhammad Sajjad, Tariq Shah. Decoding of cyclic codes over quaternion integers by modified Berlekamp-Massey algorithm
103 -- 0Luiz H. A. Monteiro, Frederico C. Nonis, Ricardo Concilio. Biological pest control and crop-tree competition in agroforestry: a dynamical systems analysis
104 -- 0V. S. Amaral, P. S. M. Santos, Gilson N. Silva, Simone R. S. Souza. A Quasi-Newton method for solving generalized equations by using a Kantorovich approach
105 -- 0Prashanta Majee, Sonu Bai, Sahadeo Padhye. On some fast iterative methods for split variational inclusion problem and fixed point problem of demicontractive mappings

Volume 43, Issue 1

1 -- 0Konrawut Khammahawong, Sani Salisu. Modified Halpern and viscosity methods for hierarchical variational inequalities on Hadamard manifolds
2 -- 0Livinus U. Uko. A generalized extragradient method for variational inequalities of the second kind
3 -- 0Yuan Xu, Siu-Long Lei, Hai-wei Sun. An efficient red-black skewed extrapolation cascadic multigrid method for two-dimensional Poisson equation
4 -- 0Xueli Xin, Meina Sun. Asymptotic limits of Riemann solutions to a novel second-order continuous macroscopic traffic flow model
5 -- 0Iván Mandelman, Mariano A. Ferrari, Damián R. Fernández. Evaluation of a finite element formulation for the shallow water equations with numerical smoothing in the Gulf of San Jorge
6 -- 0Deepak Kumar Yadav, Akanksha Bhardwaj, Alpesh Kumar. Errors in the IMEX-BDF-OS methods for pricing American style options under the jump-diffusion model
7 -- 0Jawad Ali 0001, Wajid Rasool. Interval-valued q-rung orthopair fuzzy Aczel-Alsina operations-based Bonferroni mean aggregation operators and their applications
8 -- 0Gui-Lai Zhang, Yang Sun, Zhi-Wei Wang. Asymptotical stability of the exact solutions and the numerical solutions for impulsive neutral differential equations
9 -- 0Ahmed M. Elsawah, Yi-An Wang, Zhihan Chen, Fatih Tank. A sequential designing-modeling technique when the input factors are not equally important
10 -- 0Fangfang Shi, Guoju Ye, Wei Liu 0088, Dafang Zhao. Optimality conditions for nonsmooth fuzzy optimization models under the gH-weak subdifferentiability
11 -- 0Saddam Hussain, Gourav Arora, Rajesh Kumar. An efficient semi-analytical technique to solve multi-dimensional Burgers' equation
12 -- 0Fernando Neres, Regivan H. N. Santiago, Antonio-Francisco Roldán-López-de-Hierro, Anderson Paiva Cruz, Zdenko Takác, Javier Fernández 0002, Humberto Bustince. The alpha-ordering for a wide class of fuzzy sets of the real line: the particular case of fuzzy numbers
13 -- 0Xiangdi Zeng, Yaozong Zhang, Jian Gao. Linear codes from defining sets over ${\mathbb {F}}_{p} +u{\mathbb {F}}_{p}$ and their applications
14 -- 0Jose Mario Martínez. Levenberg-marquardt revisited and parameter tuning of river regression models
15 -- 0Zhihao Peng, Maryam Nikbakht, Ali Ebrahimnejad, Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, Tofigh Allahviranloo. Fully interval-valued fuzzy transportation problems: development and prospects
16 -- 0Anurag Kaur, Vinay Kanwar, Higinio Ramos. A coupled scheme based on uniform algebraic trigonometric tension B-spline and a hybrid block method for Camassa-Holm and Degasperis-Procesi equations
17 -- 0Susana Diaz-Vazquez, Emilio Torres-Manzanera, Noelia Rico, Radko Mesiar, Iosu Rodríguez-Martínez, Julio Lafuente, Irene Díaz, Susana Montes, Humberto Bustince. A new family of aggregation functions for intervals
18 -- 0Wenshuo Li, Xiaofeng Wang. Ball convergence analysis of Jarratt-type sixth-order method and its applications in solving some chemical problems
19 -- 0Baijuan Shi, Can Kizilates. A new generalization of the Frank matrix and its some properties
20 -- 0Diego de Souza Maceira Belay, Celso M. da Silva, Maria Aguieiras A. de Freitas. Ordering trees by α-index
21 -- 0Narjes Gilani, Reza Pourmousa. The likelihood and Bayesian analyses for asymmetric Laplace nonlinear regression model
22 -- 0Azmat Hussian, Tahir Mahmood 0002, Muhammad Irfan Ali, Vassilis C. Gerogiannis, Dimitrios Tzimos, Dimitrios Giakovis. q-Rung orthopair fuzzy soft Hamacher aggregation operators and their applications in multi-criteria decision making
23 -- 0Lintao Liu, Kaimin Teng, Jie Yang, Haibo Chen. Minimizers of fractional NLS energy functionals in $\mathbb {R}^{2}$
24 -- 0José Vanterler da Costa Sousa, d. S. Oliveira, Leandro S. Tavares. Solutions of the mean curvature equation with the Nehari manifold
25 -- 0Yuan Rong, Liying Yu, Yi Liu, Vladimir Simic, Harish Garg. The FMEA model based on LOPCOW-ARAS methods with interval-valued Fermatean fuzzy information for risk assessment of R&D projects in industrial robot offline programming systems
26 -- 0Shariefuddin Pirzada, Rezwan Ul Shaban, Hilal A. Ganie, Leonardo Silva de Lima. On the Ky Fan norm of the signless Laplacian matrix of a graph
27 -- 0Tatiane Fontana Ribeiro, Fernando A. Peña-Ramírez, Renata Rojas Guerra, Airlane Pereira Alencar, Gauss M. Cordeiro. Forecasting the proportion of stored energy using the unit Burr XII quantile autoregressive moving average model
28 -- 0Xavier Emery, Emilio Porcu. Integral representations, extension theorems and walks through dimensions under radial exponential convexity
29 -- 0Feng Gu, Anhua Wan. q minimization method and p-RIP condition for stable recovery of approximately k-sparse signals
30 -- 0P. Prakash, K. S. Priyendhu, M. Meenakshi. Invariant subspace method and exact solutions of the coupled system of time-fractional convection-reaction-diffusion equations
31 -- 0Junxiang Yang, Junseok Kim. An adapted energy dissipation law-preserving numerical algorithm for a phase-field surfactant model
32 -- 0Zhongyun Liu, Xiaofei Xu, Yang Zhou, Carla Ferreira 0002, Yulin Zhang. On relaxed acceleration of the ADI iteration
33 -- 0Yongxiong Zhang, Wenxiu Guo, Hua Zheng, Seakweng Vong. A relaxed two-step modulus-based matrix synchronous multisplitting iteration method for linear complementarity problems
34 -- 0Shen Lyu, Zhe Liu 0041. A belief Sharma-Mittal divergence with its application in multi-sensor information fusion
35 -- 0Sapna Pandit. A new algorithm for analysis and simulation of (2+1) Korteweg-de Vries-Rosenau-regularized long-wave model
36 -- 0Mohamed Rahioui, El Hassan El Kinani, Abdelaziz Ouhadan. Lie symmetries, invariant subspace method, and conservation laws for a time fractional generalized Broer-Kaup system
37 -- 0Xinv Wang, Mingxi Ma, Jingjing Lu, Jun Zhang. Convex and non-convex adaptive TV regularizations for color image restoration
38 -- 0Raju Nandi, K. C. Sivakumar. Group inverses of a class of corona networks
39 -- 0G. Garmanjani, Mohsen Esmaeilbeigi, Roberto Cavoretto. Adaptive residual refinement in an RBF finite difference scheme for 2D time-dependent problems
40 -- 0Yinggang Hu, Yanqun Jiang, Xiaoqian Huang, Wei Zhang. High-order weighted compact nonlinear scheme for solving degenerate parabolic equations
41 -- 0Renjie Xu, Tong Wei, Yiming Wei 0001, Hong Yan. UTV decomposition of dual matrices and its applications
42 -- 0Haiyan Zhang, Hui Liang 0001. On a mixed Galerkin method for semi-explicit index-1 integro-differential algebraic equations
43 -- 0Wenkai Fan, Feiyang Han, Yiming Wei 0001. Regularized TLS-EM for estimating missing data
44 -- 0Naresh Kumar, Suayip Toprakseven, Ram Jiwari. A numerical method for singularly perturbed convection-diffusion-reaction equations on polygonal meshes
45 -- 0Wenyan Han, Guolin Yu. An unified scalarization and Ekeland's variational principle for partial set order
46 -- 0Sadiqa Arshad, Majid Khan. Construction of nonlinear component based on bent Boolean functions
47 -- 0Guash Haile Taddele, Poom Kumam, Songpon Sriwongsa, Mahmoud Muhammad Yahaya. An inertial accelerated outer quadratic approximation method for split feasibility problem with application to elastic net
48 -- 0Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo, Grace Nnennaya Ogwo, Timilehin Opeyemi Alakoya. Strong convergent algorithm for finding minimum-norm solutions of quasimonotone variational inequalities with fixed point constraint and application
49 -- 0Ernesto Estrada. Communicability cosine distance: similarity and symmetry in graphs/networks
50 -- 0Ziyue Zeng, Fuyuan Xiao 0001. A generalized Hellinger distance for multisource information fusion and its application in pattern classification
51 -- 0Reetha Thomas, T. Bakkyaraj. Exact solution of time-fractional differential-difference equations: invariant subspace, partially invariant subspace, generalized separation of variables
52 -- 0Nader Biranvand, Ali Ebrahimijahan. Utilizing differential quadrature-based RBF partition of unity collocation method to simulate distributed-order time fractional Cable equation
53 -- 0Guodong Ding, Daniele Marazzina. Bankruptcy and retirement: a comparison in an optimal stopping times ordered framework
54 -- 0Manh Tuan Hoang, José C. Valverde. A generalized model for the population dynamics of a two stage species with recruitment and capture using a nonstandard finite difference scheme
55 -- 0Yanmi Wu, Dongyang Shi. 1-Galerkin mixed finite element method for nonlinear Kirchhoff-type problem
56 -- 0Tamanna Yadav, S. K. Gupta. Optimality and duality analysis for multiobjective interval-valued semi-infinite optimization problem having vanishing constraints
57 -- 0Nikola Sandric. Periodic homogenization of a class of weakly coupled systems of linear PDEs
58 -- 0Long-Jun Zhu, Jun-Guo Lu, Zhen Zhu. Robust stability and stabilization of uncertain fractional-order singularly perturbed systems
59 -- 0Bernardo P. Brener, Matheus A. Cruz, Matheus S. S. Macedo, Roney L. Thompson. A highly accurate strategy for data-driven turbulence modeling
60 -- 0Fang Chen, Shu-Ru He. Modified restrictive preconditioners for double saddle point problems arising from liquid crystal director modeling
61 -- 0Wen-Ran Li, Rong Yang, Xin-Guang Yang. Weak adversarial networks for solving forward and inverse problems involving 2D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
62 -- 0Qi Xiong, Gui-Xian Tian, Shu-Yu Cui. More on minors of Hermitian (quasi-)Laplacian matrix of the second kind for mixed graphs
63 -- 0Gangnan Yuan, Deng Ding, Weiguo Lu, Fengyan Wu. A linearized fourth-order compact ADI method for phytoplankton-zooplankton model arising in marine ecosystem
64 -- 0Huan Zhang, Xiaolan Liu, Jia Deng, Yan Sun. Strong convergence of modified inertial extragradient methods for non-Lipschitz continuous variational inequalities and fixed point problems
65 -- 0Ying Ji, Yuehua Feng, Yongxin Dong. Pass-efficient truncated UTV for low-rank approximations
66 -- 0Xuefei Dai, Chaoyue Guan, Jing Niu. An efficient numerical algorithm for solving nonlinear fractional Volterra integro-differential equation
67 -- 0Marc Jornet. Power-series solutions of fractional-order compartmental models
68 -- 0Babak Azarnavid, Mahdi Emamjomeh, Mohammad Nabati, Abdollah Dinmohammadi. An efficient iterative method for multi-order nonlinear fractional differential equations based on the integrated Bernoulli polynomials
69 -- 0Rui-lian Du, Changpin Li, Zhi-zhong Sun. σ-based difference method for fractional hyperbolic equations
70 -- 0Kanokwan Kratuloek, Poom Kumam, Songpon Sriwongsa, Jamilu Abubakar. A relaxed splitting method for solving variational inclusion and fixed point problems
71 -- 0Jingjun Zhao, Zhiqiang Lv, Yang Xu 0014. A weak Galerkin method for the nonlinear Navier-Stokes problem
72 -- 0Ahmad Ghobadi, Shapour Heidarkhani. Multiplicity results for discrete partial mean curvature problems
73 -- 0Min Li, Zhongbing Xie, Prasit Cholamjiak, Kunrada Kankam. Inertial iterative method for solving equilibrium problems and fixed point problems
74 -- 0E. Ahmady, Nazanin Ahmady, Tofigh Allahviranloo, Mohammadreza Shahriari. A multi-step method to solve bipolar-fuzzy initial value problem
75 -- 0Can Chen. On the stability of discrete-time homogeneous polynomial dynamical systems
76 -- 0Ramandeep Behl, Ioannis K. Argyros. Larger convergence regions for an efficient two-step iterative method
77 -- 0K. Sri Raja Priyanka, G. Soundararajan, Ardak Kashkynbayev, Gnaneswaran Nagamani. Co-existence of robust output-feedback synchronization and anti-synchronization of delayed discrete-time neural networks with its application
78 -- 0Aleksandar Radonjic, Vladimir Vujicic. Integer codes correcting/detecting burst errors within one byte and detecting burst errors within two bytes