Journal: IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

Volume 7, Issue 6

3 -- 4Saraju P. Mohanty. Quantum Computing in Consumer Electronics [Notes from the Editor]
5 -- 6Sharon Peng. Taking the CE Society to the Next Level: MIT Report Follow-Up and Feedback [President's Message]
7 -- 0Nigel Maund. Montreal Chapter Event on Smart Assistant Technology [Society News]
7 -- 56Shingo Yamaguchi. Technical Writing Course Offered to YPs [Society News]
8 -- 14Travis Humble. Consumer Applications of Quantum Computing: A Promising Approach for Secure Computation, Trusted Data Storage, and Efficient Applications
15 -- 22Mesbah Uddin, Md. Badruddoja Majumder, Garrett S. Rose. Nanoelectronic Security Designs for Resource-Constrained Internet of Things Devices: Finding Security Solutions with Nanoelectronic Hardwares
23 -- 28Milan Z. Bjelica. How Much Smart Is Too Much?: Exploring the Slow Adoption of New Consumer Technology
29 -- 30Deepak Puthal, Xuyun Zhang. Secure Computing for the Internet of Things and Network Edges: Protecting Communication in the Worldwide Network of Devices
31 -- 37Muhammad Asif Habib, Mudassar Ahmad, Sohail Jabbar, Syed Hassan Ahmed, Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues. Speeding Up the Internet of Things: LEAIoT: A Lightweight Encryption Algorithm Toward Low-Latency Communication for the Internet of Things
38 -- 44Fan Wu 0003, Xiong Li 0002, Lili Xu, Arun Kumar Sangaiah, Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues. Authentication Protocol for Distributed Cloud Computing: An Explanation of the Security Situations for Internet-of-Things-Enabled Devices
45 -- 50Fuhong Lin, Yutong Zhou, Xingsuo An, Ilsun You, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo. Fair Resource Allocation in an Intrusion-Detection System for Edge Computing: Ensuring the Security of Internet of Things Devices
51 -- 54Katina Michael. Brain Pacemakers in Consumer Medical Electronics Improve Quality of Life-Part II: The Need for Patient Feedback in the Product Lifecycle Management
55 -- 56Bob Frankston. From Net Neutrality to Seizing Opportunity [Bits Versus Electrons]
57 -- 59Ashish Nanda, Deepak Puthal, Saraju P. Mohanty, Uma Choppali. A Computing Perspective of Quantum Cryptography [Energy and Security]

Volume 7, Issue 5

3 -- 55Saraju P. Mohanty. Consumer Electronics Is the Driver of Smart Cars [Notes from the Editor]
4 -- 0Vivek Maik, Prabindh Sundareson. IEEE CE Bangalore Membership Outreach and the IEEE CE Society Student Branch Inauguration [Society News]
5 -- 6Robin Bradbeer, K. F. Tsang. IEEE CE Hong Kong Chapter Runs Successful One-Day Workshop [Society News]
8 -- 17Francesco Pieri, Cristian Zambelli, Andrea Nannini, Piero Olivo, Sergio Saponara. Is Consumer Electronics Redesigning Our Cars?: Challenges of Integrated Technologies for Sensing, Computing, and Storage
18 -- 25Vipin Kumar Kukkala, Jordan Tunnell, Sudeep Pasricha, Thomas Bradley. Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems: A Path Toward Autonomous Vehicles
26 -- 0Anirban Sengupta, Niranjan Kumar Ray. Audio and Video Technologies: Recent Advances in Consumer Electronics
27 -- 33Biswajita Datta, Prithwish Kumar Pal, Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay. Audio Transmission of Medical Reports for Visa Processing: A Solution for the Spread of Communicable Diseases by the Immigrant Population
34 -- 39Sushree Bibhuprada B. Priyadarshini, Suvasini Panigrahi. Creating More Efficient Distributed Cameras: A Distributed Multievent Ensnaring Scheme Based on Scalar Leader Determination
40 -- 45Mohit Rajput, Maroti Deshmukh, Neeta Nain, Mushtaq Ahmed. Securing Data Through Steganography and Secret Sharing Schemes: Trapping and Misleading Potential Attackers
46 -- 47Bob Frankston. From Broadband to Infrastructure [Bits Versus Electrons]
48 -- 49Tom Coughlin. Storage at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show [The Art of Storage]
50 -- 53Aditya Sankar Sengupta, Sambit Satpathy, Saraju P. Mohanty, Debasis Baral, Bidyut K. Bhattacharyya. Supercapacitors Outperform Conventional Batteries [Energy and Security]
54 -- 55Tom Wilson 0002. Entrepreneurs in Consumer Electronics [Professional Development]

Volume 7, Issue 4

0 -- 0Saraju P. Mohanty. Following the Advent of the Internet, the Blockchain May Revolutionize Consumer Electronics [Notes from the Editor]
0 -- 0Shingo Yamaguchi, Tom Coughlin. Flying Animals and the Art of Presentation [Society News]
6 -- 14Deepak Puthal, Nisha Malik, Saraju P. Mohanty, Elias Kougianos, Gautam Das. Everything You Wanted to Know About the Blockchain: Its Promise, Components, Processes, and Problems
15 -- 25Yang Wang, Qingtang Liu, He Haoyi, Yang Hairu, Shufan Yu, Huixiao Le, Yangyang Yuan. Personal Active Choreographer: Improving the Performance of the Tujia Hand-Waving Dance
26 -- 35David Contreras, Maria Salamó, Inmaculada Rodríguez, Anna Puig. Shopping Decisions Made in a Virtual World: Defining a State-Based Model of Collaborative and Conversational User-Recommender Interactions
36 -- 43Jonathan Harth, Alexandra Hofmann, Mike Karst, David Kempf, Annelie Ostertag, Isabell Przemus, Bernhard Schaefermeyer. Different Types of Users, Different Types of Immersion: A User Study of Interaction Design and Immersion in Consumer Virtual Reality
44 -- 52Elena Dzardanova, Vlasios Kasapakis, Damianos Gavalas. On the Effect of Social Context in Virtual Reality: An Examination of the Determinants of Human Behavior in Shared Immersive Virtual Environments
53 -- 54Jong-Hyouk Lee. Blockchain Technologies: Blockchain Use Cases for Consumer Electronics
55 -- 64Pradip Kumar Sharma, Shailendra Rathore, Jong Hyuk Park. DistArch-SCNet: Blockchain-Based Distributed Architecture with Li-Fi Communication for a Scalable Smart City Network
65 -- 71Hsin-Te Wu, Chun-Wei Tsai. Toward Blockchains for Health-Care Systems: Applying the Bilinear Pairing Technology to Ensure Privacy Protection and Accuracy in Data Sharing
72 -- 81Fabrizio Lamberti, Valentina Gatteschi, Claudio Demartini, Matteo Pelissier, Alfonso Gomez, Victor Santamaria. Blockchains Can Work for Car Insurance: Using Smart Contracts and Sensors to Provide On-Demand Coverage
82 -- 85Katina Michael. Brain Pacemakers in Consumer Medical Electronics Improve Quality of Life: Benefits, Risks, and Challenges
86 -- 87Bob Frankston. Got API? [Bits Versus Electrons]
88 -- 90Tom Coughlin. Is Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory in Your Embedded Product Future? [The Art of Storage]
91 -- 94Dipanjan Roy, Pallabi Sarkar, Anirban Sengupta, Mrinal Kanti Naskar. Optimizing DSP Cores Using Design Transformation [Hardware Matters]
95 -- 96Tom Wilson 0002. Entrepreneurs in Consumer Electronics [Professional Development]

Volume 7, Issue 3

3 -- 109Saraju P. Mohanty. Improving the Quality of Life for the Visually Impaired [Notes from the Editor]
6 -- 8Ryota Nishimura. The Sixth IEEE Global Conference on Consumer Electronics [Conference Reports]
8 -- 9Prabindh Sundareson, Kousik Sankar, Soumya Kanti Datta. IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics-Asia [Conference Reports]
10 -- 111Stuart Lipoff. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics Crossword Challenge [Conference Reports]
12 -- 20Chih-Wei Lee, Peter Chondro, Shanq-Jang Ruan, Oliver Christen, Edwin Naroska. Improving Mobility for the Visually Impaired: A Wearable Indoor Positioning System Based on Visual Markers
21 -- 31Haotian Jiang, James Starkman, Menghan Liu, Ming-Chun Huang. Food Nutrition Visualization on Google Glass: Design Tradeoff and Field Evaluation
32 -- 37Ajaya Kumar Tripathy, Pradyumna K. Tripathy, Niranjan K. Ray, Saraju P. Mohanty. iTour: The Future of Smart Tourism: An IoT Framework for the Independent Mobility of Tourists in Smart Cities
38 -- 47Anne-Flore Perrin, Martin Rerábek, Walt Husak, Touradj Ebrahimi. ICtCp Versus Y'CbCr: Evaluation of ICtCp Color Space and an Adaptive Reshaper for HDR and WCG
48 -- 55Junsung Cho, Dayeon Kim, Hyoungshick Kim. User Credential Cloning Attacks in Android Applications: Exploiting Automatic Login on Android Apps and Mitigating Strategies
56 -- 61Saiqa Aleem, Luiz Fernando Capretz, Faheem Ahmed. A Consumer Perspective on Digital Games: Factors for Successful Game Development
62 -- 63Fabrizio Lamberti, Fernando Pescador. Advanced Interaction and Virtual\/Augmented Reality-Part II: A Look at Novel Applications
64 -- 72Konstantinos Michalakis, John Aliprantis, George Caridakis. Visualizing the Internet of Things: Naturalizing Human-Computer Interaction by Incorporating AR Features
73 -- 80Longyu Zhang, Sifeng Chen, Haiwei Dong, Abdulmotaleb El-Saddik. Visualizing Toronto City Data with HoloLens: Using Augmented Reality for a City Model
81 -- 89Evangelos Niforatos, Anton Fedosov, Marc Langheinrich, Ivan Elhart. Augmenting Humans on the Slope: Two Electronic Devices That Enhance Safety and Decision Making
90 -- 98Carla Barreiros, Eduardo E. Veas, Viktoria Pammer. Can a Green Thumb Make a Difference?: Using a Nature Metaphor to Communicate the Sensor Information of a Coffee Machine
99 -- 101Arunasalam Sambhanthan. Microsoft's Kinect Technology: A Bust That Could Still Become a Boom
102 -- 103Susanne Wende. Product Compliance and E-Commerce on the European Market [IP Corner]
104 -- 109Dipanjan Roy, Anirban Sengupta. Obfuscated JPEG Image Decompression IP Core for Protecting Against Reverse Engineering [Hardware Matter]
110 -- 111David Alan Grier. Market-Based Values [Market-Based Analyses]
113 -- 0Shantanu Paknikar. Leadership and Parenting Parallels [Professional Development]
114 -- 118Ziva Nissan. The Evolution of Webcams [Product Reviews]

Volume 7, Issue 2

3 -- 4Saraju P. Mohanty. Smart Technologies: The Key for Sustainable Smart Cities [Notes from the Editor]
6 -- 11Narisa Nan Chu, Konstantin Glasman, Yury E. Shelepin. IEEE Brain Initiative 2017 Challenges: Brain Data Bank Visualization and Analytics [Society News]
11 -- 12Robin Bradbeer, K. F. Tsang. Hong Kong Chapter Organizes Successful Smart-City Workshop [Society News]
13 -- 0Thinagaran Perumal. Consumer-Centric Internet of Things: Driving the Digital Transformations [Society News]
14 -- 15Shingo Yamaguchi. Young Professionals Event at GCCE 2017: Synergy of Automotive and Consumer Electronics [Society News]
16 -- 17Yu-Cheng Fan, Pei-Jun Lee, Yuh-Shyan Hwang, Bernard Fong. 2017 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics-Taiwan [Conference Reports]
18 -- 21Deepak Puthal, Nisha Malik, Saraju P. Mohanty, Elias Kougianos, Chi Yang. The Blockchain as a Decentralized Security Framework [Future Directions]
22 -- 31Paolo Barsocchi, Pietro Cassarà, Fabio Mavilia, Daniele Pellegrini. Sensing a City's State of Health: Structural Monitoring System by Internet-of-Things Wireless Sensing Devices
32 -- 41Sumedha Sharma, Bijaya K. Panigrahi, Ashu Verma. A Smarter Method for Self-Sustainable Buildings: Using Multiagent Systems as an Effective Alternative for Managing Energy Operations
42 -- 49Swati Sucharita Roy, Deepak Puthal, Suraj Sharma, Saraju P. Mohanty, Albert Y. Zomaya. Building a Sustainable Internet of Things: Energy-Efficient Routing Using Low-Power Sensors Will Meet the Need
50 -- 54Narayan Panigrahi, Sabitra Sankalp Panigrahi. Processing Data Acquired by a Drone Using a GIS: Designing a Size-, Weight-, and Power-Constrained System
55 -- 61Shabab Bazrafkan, Peter M. Corcoran. Pushing the AI Envelope: Merging Deep Networks to Accelerate Edge Artificial Intelligence in Consumer Electronics Devices and Systems
62 -- 63Fabrizio Lamberti, Fernando Pescador. Advanced Interaction and Virtual\/Augmented Reality: Making Interaction with Machines More Natural and Effective
64 -- 72Jiachen Yang, Yafang Wang, Zhihan Lv, Na Jiang, Anthony Steed. Interaction with Three-Dimensional Gesture and Character Input in Virtual Reality: Recognizing Gestures in Different Directions and Improving User Input
73 -- 82Ricky Lap-Hou Lao, Angus Kin Yeung Wong. Detecting Hand Gestures with Wi-Fi Technology: Applications for Received-Signal-Strength Indicators in Interactive Interface Design
83 -- 90Pier Paolo Valentini, Marco Evangelos Biancolini. Interactive Sculpting Using Augmented-Reality, Mesh Morphing, and Force Feedback: Force-Feedback Capabilities in an Augmented Reality Environment
91 -- 100Benjamin Bressolette, Sebastien Denjean, Vincent Roussarie, Mitsuko Aramaki, Solvi Ystad, Richard Kronland-Martinet. Harnessing Audio in Auto Control: The Challenge of Sonifying Virtual Objects for Gesture Control of Cars
101 -- 102Sally Applin. They Sow, They Reap: How Humans are Becoming Algorithm Chow
103 -- 105Jameson M. Wetmore. What Can We Learn About Vacuum Cleaners from Vampires?: Far More Than You May Think
106 -- 117Bob Frankston. Progressive Web Apps [Bits Versus Electrons]
108 -- 120Tom Coughlin. Digital Storage in Smartphones and Wearables [The Art of Storage]
111 -- 114Deepak Kachave, Anirban Sengupta. Shielding CE Hardware Against Reverse-Engineering Attacks Through Functional Locking [Hardware Matters]
115 -- 117Tim VanGoethem. Even When They're Not Driving, the Driver Must Come First [Product Reviews]
118 -- 120David Alan Grier. Put It In a Box, Wrap It with a Bow [Market-Based Analyses]
119 -- 120Stefan Mozar. Electrical Product Compliance and Safety Engineering [Book Reviews]

Volume 7, Issue 1

3 -- 4Saraju P. Mohanty. Smart Health Care is Here to Improve Quality of Life [Notes from the Editor]
6 -- 0Philip Koopman. Righting Wrongs [Letter to the Editor]
7 -- 8Joseph Wei. The Inaugural Startup Pitch Event [Society News]
9 -- 112Mohd Anuaruddin Bin Ahmadon, Shingo Yamaguchi. Gaining Experience and Skills at GCCE [Society News]
10 -- 116Peter Corcoran 0001. A Sneak Preview of ICCE 2018 [Conference Reports]
15 -- 124Kishore Racherla, Matt Waight. Addressing EMI in Electric Cars with Radio Tuner Architecture [Future Directions]
18 -- 28Prabha Sundaravadivel, Elias Kougianos, Saraju P. Mohanty, Madhavi K. Ganapathiraju. Everything You Wanted to Know about Smart Health Care: Evaluating the Different Technologies and Components of the Internet of Things for Better Health
29 -- 37Ayten Ozge Akmandor, Niraj K. Jha. Smart Health Care: An Edge-Side Computing Perspective
38 -- 46Gopi Krishna Garge, Chitra Balakrishna, Soumya Kanti Datta. Consumer Health Care: Current Trends in Consumer Health Monitoring
47 -- 56André Luiz Satoshi Kawamoto, Flávio Soares Corrêa da Silva. Depth-Sensor Applications for the Elderly: A Viable Option to Promote a Better Quality of Life
57 -- 65Sravani Challa, Mohammad Wazid, Ashok Kumar Das, Muhammad Khurram Khan. Authentication Protocols for Implantable Medical Devices: Taxonomy, Analysis and Future Directions
66 -- 67Himanshu Thapliyal. Internet of Things-Based Consumer Electronics: Reviewing Existing Consumer Electronic Devices, Systems, and Platforms and Exploring New Research Paradigms
68 -- 76Himanshu Thapliyal, Rajdeep Kumar Nath, Saraju P. Mohanty. Smart Home Environment for Mild Cognitive Impairment Population: Solutions to Improve Care and Quality of Life
77 -- 87Massimo Alioto, Mohsen Shahghasemi. The Internet of Things on Its Edge: Trends Toward Its Tipping Point
88 -- 94Marina L. Gavrilova, Yingxu Wang, Faisal Ahmed, Padma Polash Paul. Kinect Sensor Gesture and Activity Recognition: New Applications for Consumer Cognitive Systems
95 -- 105Shaoqian Wang, Sen-Ching S. Cheung, Hasan Sajid. Visual Bubble: Protecting Privacy in Wearable Cameras
106 -- 109Brenda K. Wiederhold, Ian T. Miller, Mark D. Wiederhold. Using Virtual Reality to Mobilize Health Care: Mobile Virtual Reality Technology for Attenuation of Anxiety and Pain
110 -- 112Bob Frankston. Assembly Required: Rods, Belts, and Electrons [Bits Versus Electrons]
113 -- 116Tom Coughlin. A Solid-State Future [The Art of Storage]
117 -- 128Yu Yuan. Paving the Road for Virtual and Augmented Reality [Standards]
119 -- 124Anirban Sengupta, Dipanjan Roy. Intellectual Property-Based Lossless Image Compression for Camera Systems [Hardware Matters]
125 -- 126Brian Markwalter. ATSC 3.0 Begins Commercial Broadcasting: First IP-Based Ultrahigh-Definition TV Broadcasts on the Air [CTA Insights]
127 -- 128Chandramouli Gopalakrishnan. What I Look for When Hiring [Professional Development]