Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 23, Issue 4

281 -- 283Benoît Eynard, Magali Bosch-Mauchand. Integrated design and smart manufacturing
284 -- 295Joanna Daaboul, Catherine Da Cunha, Julien Le Duigou, Bostjan Novak, Alain Bernard. Differentiation and customer decoupling points: An integrated design approach for mass customization
296 -- 307Alaeddine Zouari, Michel Tollenaere, Habib Ben Bacha, Aref Y. Maalej. Domain knowledge versioning and aggregation mechanisms in product design processes
308 -- 319Jonathan Mougin, Jean-François Boujut, Franck Pourroy, Grégory Poussier. Modelling knowledge transfer: A knowledge dynamics perspective
320 -- 332Aurélien Reysset, Marc Budinger, Jean-Charles Maré. Computer-aided definition of sizing procedures and optimization problems of mechatronic systems
333 -- 342Thierry Berger, Dominique Deneux, Thérèse Bonte, Etienne Cocquebert, Damien Trentesaux. Arezzo-flexible manufacturing system: A generic flexible manufacturing system shop floor emulator approach for high-level control virtual commissioning
343 -- 354Kiwook Jung, Kc Morris, Kevin W. Lyons, Swee Leong, Hyunbo Cho. Using formal methods to scope performance challenges for Smart Manufacturing Systems: Focus on agility
355 -- 364Mohamed Ayadi, Roberta Costa Affonso, Vincent Cheutet, Mohamed Haddar. Info Sim: Prototyping an information system for Digital Factory management
365 -- 376Duck B. Kim, Peter O. Denno, Albert T. Jones. A model-based approach to refine process parameters in smart manufacturing

Volume 23, Issue 3

183 -- 198Jakob Filippson Parslov, Niels Henrik Mortensen. Interface definitions in literature: A reality check
199 -- 212Lina He, Xinguo Ming, Yanrong Ni, Miao Li, Maokuan Zheng, Zhitao Xu. Ontology-based information integration and sharing for collaborative part and tooling development
213 -- 225Daniela Lettner, Peter Hehenberger, Alexander Nöhrer, Klaus Anzengruber, Paul Grünbacher, Michael Mayrhofer, Alexander Egyed. Variability and consistency in mechatronic design
226 -- 235Patrick L. Cross, Mike Mulford. Realizing collaborative systems design for missile seekers by combining design margin analysis with multi-disciplinary optimization
236 -- 249Edris Safavi, Mehdi Tarkian, Hampus Gavel, Johan Ölvander. Collaborative multidisciplinary design optimization: A framework applied on aircraft conceptual system design
250 -- 264Daniel Shapiro, Bahram Hamraz, Anita Friis Sommer, P. John Clarkson. Investigating the impact of changes in iteration-likelihoods on design process performance
265 -- 278Fahim Ahmed, Soonhung Han. Interoperability of product and manufacturing information using ontology

Volume 23, Issue 2

83 -- 97Yun Liu, Onur Hisarciklilar, Vincent Thomson, Nadia Bhuiyan. A study of overlapping and functional interaction mechanisms for concurrent engineering processes
98 -- 109Ammon Hepworth, Keith Halterman, Brett Stone, Jared Yarn, C. Greg Jensen. An integrated task management system to reduce semantic conflicts in multi-user computer-aided design
110 -- 123Chi-Hung Lo, Ya-Chuan Ko, Shih-Wen Hsiao. A methodology for high-performance operating interface design
124 -- 134Shun Takai. Impacts of fairness, engineers' evaluations, and penalty of product failure in multi-equilibria non-cooperative design
135 -- 144Glauco Henrique de Sousa Mendes, José Carlos de Toledo. Organizational characteristics in concurrent engineering: Evidence from Brazilian small and medium enterprises in the medical device industry
145 -- 165Yuliang Li, Wei Zhao. Automatic product conceptual optimization based on object-oriented performance components and graph grammars
166 -- 179Wenyu Zhang, Shanshan Guo, Shuai Zhang. Personalized manufacturing service recommendation using semantics-based collaborative filtering

Volume 23, Issue 1

3 -- 12Junguang Zhang, Saike Jia, Estrella Díaz. A new buffer sizing approach based on the uncertainty of project activities
13 -- 26Wen-Chiung Lee, Jen-Ya Wang, Hsin-Wei Su. Algorithms for single-machine scheduling to minimize the total tardiness with learning effects and two competing agents
27 -- 39Anju Bala, Inderveer Chana. Autonomic fault tolerant scheduling approach for scientific workflows in Cloud computing
40 -- 63Sang Su Choi, Kiwook Jung, Sang Do Noh. Virtual reality applications in manufacturing industries: Past research, present findings, and future directions
64 -- 73Ju-Yeon Lee, Seung-Jun Shin, Y. Tina Lee, Donald Libes. Toward development of a testbed for sustainable manufacturing
74 -- 80Gino K. Yang. Analytical approach for optimal solution of inventory model with constrained production capacity