Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 8, Issue 4

244 -- 262Ali Trabelsi, Alain Delchambre. Assessment on Tolerance Representation and Tolerance Analysis in Assemblies
263 -- 280Lionel Roucoules, Serge Tichkiewitch. CoDE: A Cooperative Design Environment - A New Generation of CAD Systems
281 -- 296Mickael Gardoni, Michel Spadoni, François B. Vernadat. Harnessing Non-Structured Information and Knowledge and Know-How Capitalisation in Integrated Engineering: Case Study at Aerospatiale Matra
297 -- 321Jianxin Jiao, Mitchell M. Tseng, Qinhai Ma, Yi Zou. Generic Bill-of-Materials-and-Operations for High-Variety Production Management

Volume 8, Issue 3

158 -- 170B. O'Shea, H. Kaebernick, S. S. Grewal. Using a Cluster Graph Representation of Products for Application in the Disassembly Planning Process
171 -- 182Graham Coates, I. Ritchey, Alex H. B. Duffy, William Hills, Robert Ian Whitfield. Integrated Engineering Environments for Large Complex Products
183 -- 198Li Chen, Simon Li. Modeling Concurrent Product Design: A Multifunctional Team Approach
199 -- 212Chimay J. Anumba, Andrew N. Baldwin, Dino Bouchlaghem, B. Prasad, Anne-Françoise Cutting-Decelle, J. Dufau, M. Mommessin. Integrating Concurrent Engineering Concepts in a Steelwork Construction Project
213 -- 229Yi Zhuang, Li Chen, Ron Venter. CyberEye: An Internet-Enabled Environment to Support Collaborative Design
230 -- 241Thu-Hua Liu, Amy J. C. Trappey, ChH-Shi Lin. Development of SDAI-Based Common Access Interface for Object-Oriented DBMS

Volume 8, Issue 2

74 -- 88John M. Kamara, Chimay J. Anumba. Client Requirements Processing for Concurrent Life-Cycle Design and Construction
89 -- 103Joze Duhovnik, Janez Vrhovec, Joze Tavcar. Principles of Individual and Small-Quantity Production Processes
104 -- 114Michael T. Eodice, Larry J. Leifer, Renate Fruchter. Analyzing Requirements - Evolution in Engineering Design Using the Method of Problem-Reduction
115 -- 132Ian Barclay, Zoë Dann. Management and Organisational Factors in New Product Development (NPD) Success
133 -- 143Jenny Poolton, Hossam S. Ismail, S. M. M. Shahidipour. The New Products Process: Effective Knowledge Capture and Utilisation
144 -- 156Nursel Öztürk, Ferruh Öztürk. Computationally Efficient Approach for the Integration of Design and Manufacturing in CE

Volume 8, Issue 1

2 -- 11Matthew Ainscough, Baback Yazdani. Concurrent Engineering within British Industry
12 -- 23Michel T. Martinez, Joël Favrel, Parisa Ghodous. Product Family Manufacturing Plan Generation and Classification
24 -- 31Haruo Ishikawa, Hironobu Yuki, Satoshi Miyazaki. Design Information Modeling in 3-D CAD System for Concurrent Engineering and Its Application to Evaluation of Assemblability/Disassemblability in Conceptual Design
32 -- 39Orsolya Szegheo, Sobah Abbas Petersen. Extended Enterprise Engineering - A Model-Based Framework
40 -- 49George Q. Huang, J. Huang, Kai-Ling Mak. Early Supplier Involvement in New Product Development on the Internet: Implementation Perspectives
50 -- 60Shen-Chou Yeh, Chun-Fong You. Implementation of STEP-Based Product Data Exchange and Sharing
61 -- 71Akiko Hasegawa, Kiyoshi Itoh, Satoshi Kumagai. Collaboration Task Analysis by Identifying Multi-Context and Collaborative Linkage