Journal: Combinatorics, Probability & Computing

Volume 31, Issue 6

924 -- 975Antonio Blanca, Alistair Sinclair, Xusheng Zhang. The critical mean-field Chayes-Machta dynamics
976 -- 1009Freddie Illingworth. The chromatic profile of locally colourable graphs
1010 -- 1030Noga Alon, Asaf Nachmias, Matan Shalev. The diameter of the uniform spanning tree of dense graphs
1031 -- 1047Beka Ergemlidze, Theodore Molla. Transversal Ck-factors in subgraphs of the balanced blow-up of Ck
1048 -- 1069Ronen Eldan, Dan Mikulincer, Hester Pieters. Community detection and percolation of information in a geometric setting
1070 -- 1075Raphael Steiner. Improved lower bound for the list chromatic number of graphs with no Kt minor
1076 -- 1091Xizhi Liu. Hypergraphs without non-trivial intersecting subgraphs
1092 -- 1101Allan Lo, Andrew Treglown, Yi Zhao 0005. Complete subgraphs in a multipartite graph

Volume 31, Issue 5

737 -- 764Mikhail Isaev, Angus Southwell, Maksim Zhukovskii 0001. Distribution of tree parameters by martingale approach
765 -- 811Maciej Bendkowski, Olivier Bodini, Sergey Dovgal. Tuning as convex optimisation: a polynomial tuner for multi-parametric combinatorial samplers
812 -- 839Tony Huynh, Gwenaël Joret, David R. Wood. Subgraph densities in a surface
840 -- 869Umberto De Ambroggio, Matthew I. Roberts. Unusually large components in near-critical Erdős-Rényi graphs via ballot theorems
870 -- 878Nemanja Draganic, Stefan Glock, Michael Krivelevich. Short proofs for long induced paths
879 -- 906Ivailo Hartarsky, Laure Marêché. Refined universality for critical KCM: lower bounds
907 -- 923Andrzej Grzesik, Joonkyung Lee, Bernard Lidický, Jan Volec. On tripartite common graphs

Volume 31, Issue 4

550 -- 573Alejandro H. Morales, Igor Pak, Martin Tassy. Asymptotics for the number of standard tableaux of skew shape and for weighted lozenge tilings
574 -- 597Lowell Abrams, Joanna A. Ellis-Monaghan. New dualities from old: generating geometric, Petrie, and Wilson dualities and trialities of ribbon graphs
598 -- 628Peter Allen, Julia Böttcher, Julia Ehrenmüller, Jakob Schnitzer, Anusch Taraz. A spanning bandwidth theorem in random graphs
629 -- 661Markus Kuba, Alois Panholzer. On bucket increasing trees, clustered increasing trees and increasing diamonds
662 -- 683Vishesh Jain, Ashwin Sah, Mehtaab Sawhney. On the smallest singular value of symmetric random matrices
684 -- 701Vojtech Rödl, Marcelo Tadeu Sales. A blurred view of Van der Waerden type theorems
702 -- 720Matthew Jenssen, Will Perkins 0001, Aditya Potukuchi. Independent sets of a given size and structure in the hypercube
721 -- 736Jacob Fox, Yufei Zhao. Removal lemmas and approximate homomorphisms

Volume 31, Issue 3

368 -- 410Gabriel Berzunza Ojeda, Svante Janson. The distance profile of rooted and unrooted simply generated trees
411 -- 429Matthew Coulson. The critical window in random digraphs
430 -- 454Markus Heydenreich, Kilian Matzke. Expansion for the critical point of site percolation: the first three terms
455 -- 477Asaf Ferber, Vishesh Jain, Yufei Zhao. On the number of Hadamard matrices via anti-concentration
478 -- 488Andrea Freschi, Joseph Hyde, Andrew Treglown. On deficiency problems for graphs
489 -- 506Maria Axenovich, António Girão, Richard Snyder, Lea Weber. Strong complete minors in digraphs
507 -- 549Rémi Cocou Avohou, Joseph Ben Geloun, Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou. Extending the Tutte and Bollobás-Riordan polynomials to rank 3 weakly coloured stranded graphs

Volume 31, Issue 2

184 -- 197Endre Csóka, Lukasz Grabowski. On directed analogues of expander and hyperfinite graph sequences
198 -- 228Tobias Johnson. Continuous phase transitions on Galton-Watson trees
229 -- 267Gerandy Brito, Ioana Dumitriu, Kameron Decker Harris. Spectral gap in random bipartite biregular graphs and applications
268 -- 303Jin-yi Cai, Artem Govorov. Perfect matchings, rank of connection tensors and graph homomorphisms
304 -- 319Martin Kurecka. Lower bound on the size of a quasirandom forcing set of permutations
320 -- 332Hariharan Narayanan, Piyush Srivastava. On the mixing time of coordinate Hit-and-Run
333 -- 344Tao Jiang 0003, Jie Ma 0002, Liana Yepremyan. On Turán exponents of bipartite graphs
345 -- 367Ryan R. Martin, Alex W. N. Riasanovsky. On the edit distance function of the random graph

Volume 31, Issue 1

1 -- 20Persi Diaconis, Ronald L. Graham, Xiaoyu He, Sam Spiro. Card guessing with partial feedback
21 -- 28Asaf Ferber, Matthew Kwan, Lisa Sauermann. Singularity of sparse random matrices: simple proofs
29 -- 53Catherine S. Greenhill, Mikhail Isaev, Gary Liang. Spanning trees in random regular uniform hypergraphs
54 -- 72Sergey G. Bobkov, Arnaud Marsiglietti, James Melbourne. Concentration functions and entropy bounds for discrete log-concave distributions
73 -- 100Agelos Georgakopoulos, John Haslegrave, Thomas Sauerwald, John Sylvester. The power of two choices for random walks
101 -- 108Boris Bukh, Ting-Wei Chao, Ron Holzman. On convex holes in d-dimensional point sets
109 -- 122József Balogh, Alexandr V. Kostochka, Mikhail Lavrov, Xujun Liu. Monochromatic paths and cycles in 2-edge-coloured graphs with large minimum degree
123 -- 135Vida Dujmovic, Louis Esperet, Pat Morin, Bartosz Walczak, David R. Wood. Clustered 3-colouring graphs of bounded degree
136 -- 143Bojan Mohar, Hehui Wu. Triangle-free subgraphs with large fractional chromatic number
144 -- 165Thibaut Lemoine. Large N behaviour of the two-dimensional Yang-Mills partition function
166 -- 183Nardo Giménez, Guillermo Matera, Mariana Pérez, Melina Privitelli. Average-case complexity of the Euclidean algorithm with a fixed polynomial over a finite field