Journal: Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

Volume 22, Issue 4

0 -- 0Joost Engelfriet, Heiko Vogler. A Büchi-Elgot-Trakhtenbrot theorem for automata with MSO graph storage
0 -- 0Éric Duchêne, Victor Marsault, Aline Parreau, Michel Rigo. Taking-and-merging games as rewrite games
0 -- 0Doost Ali Mojdeh, Iztok Peterin, Babak Samadi, Ismael G. Yero. (Open) packing number of some graph products
0 -- 0Samvel Kh. Darbinyan. A new sufficient condition for a Digraph to be Hamiltonian-A proof of Manoussakis Conjecture
0 -- 0Shanshan Zhang, Xiumei Wang, Jinjiang Yuan. Even cycles and perfect matchings in claw-free plane graphs
0 -- 0Pawel Parys. A Type System Describing Unboundedness
0 -- 0Jurek Czyzowicz, Konstantinos Georgiou, Evangelos Kranakis, Lata Narayanan, Jaroslav Opatrny, Birgit Vogtenhuber. Evacuating Robots from a Disk Using Face-to-Face Communication
0 -- 0Marcin Pilipczuk, Manuel Sorge. A Double Exponential Lower Bound for the Distinct Vectors Problem
0 -- 0Loïc Dubois, Gwenaël Joret, Guillem Perarnau, Marcin Pilipczuk, François Pitois. Two lower bounds for $p$-centered colorings
0 -- 0Raphael Steiner. A Note on Graphs of Dichromatic Number 2
0 -- 0Petr Kolman, Martin Koutecký, Hans Raj Tiwary. Extension Complexity, MSO Logic, and Treewidth
0 -- 0Xiao-Lu Gao, Shou-Jun Xu. The LexCycle on $\overline{P_{2}\cup P_{3}}$-free Cocomparability Graphs
0 -- 0Margaret Archibald, Aubrey Blecher, Charlotte A. C. Brennan, Arnold Knopfmacher, Stephan Wagner 0003, Mark Daniel Ward. The number of distinct adjacent pairs in geometrically distributed words

Volume 22, Issue 3

0 -- 0Olivier Bodini, Matthieu Dien, Antoine Genitrini, Frédéric Peschanski. Quantitative and Algorithmic aspects of Barrier Synchronization in Concurrency
0 -- 0Katarzyna Grygiel, Isabella Larcher. Unary profile of lambda terms with restricted De Bruijn indices

Volume 22, Issue 2

0 -- 0Neal Madras, Justin M. Troyka. Bounded affine permutations I. Pattern avoidance and enumeration
0 -- 0David Callan. Permutations avoiding 4321 and 3241 have an algebraic generating function
0 -- 0Samuel Braunfeld. The undecidability of joint embedding for 3-dimensional permutation classes
0 -- 0Hanna Mularczyk. Lattice Paths and Pattern-Avoiding Uniquely Sorted Permutations
0 -- 0Andrei Asinowski, Cyril Banderier, Benjamin Hackl. Flip-sort and combinatorial aspects of pop-stack sorting
0 -- 0Kassie Archer. Enumerating two permutation classes by the number of cycles
0 -- 0Michael Albert, Vít Jelínek, Michal Opler. Two examples of Wilf-collapse
0 -- 0Christian Bean, Émile Nadeau, Henning Úlfarsson. Enumeration of Permutation Classes and Weighted Labelled Independent Sets
0 -- 0Vít Jelínek, Mark Karpilovskij. Fillings of skew shapes avoiding diagonal patterns
0 -- 0Jean-Luc Baril, Carine Khalil, Vincent Vajnovszki. Catalan words avoiding pairs of length three patterns
0 -- 0Alexander Burstein, Opel Jones. Enumeration of Dumont permutations avoiding certain four-letter patterns
0 -- 0Colin Defant. Enumeration of Stack-Sorting Preimages via a Decomposition Lemma

Volume 22, Issue 1

0 -- 0Hui Rao, Lei Ren, Yang Wang. Dissecting a square into congruent polygons
0 -- 0Claudson F. Bornstein, Martin Charles Golumbic, Tanilson D. Santos, Uéverton S. Souza, Jayme Luiz Szwarcfiter. The Complexity of Helly-$B_{1}$ EPG Graph Recognition
0 -- 0Xinwei He, A. J. Hildebrand, Yuchen Li, Yunyi Zhang. Complexity of Leading Digit Sequences
0 -- 0Tim Smith. A Characterization of Morphic Words with Polynomial Growth
0 -- 0Lukasz Merta. Formal inverses of the generalized Thue-Morse sequences and variations of the Rudin-Shapiro sequence
0 -- 0Ümit Islak, Alperen Y. Özdemir. On an alternative sequence comparison statistic of Steele
0 -- 0Jonathan Klawitter. The agreement distance of unrooted phylogenetic networks
0 -- 0Raheel Anwar, Muhammad Irfan Yousuf, Muhammad Abid. Analysis of a Model for Generating Weakly Scale-free Networks
0 -- 0L'ubomíra Dvoráková, Katerina Medková, Edita Pelantová. Complementary symmetric Rote sequences: the critical exponent and the recurrence function
0 -- 0Wady Naanaa. New schemes for simplifying binary constraint satisfaction problems
0 -- 0Alizée Gagnon, Alexander Hassler, Jerry Huang, Aaron Krim-Yee, Fionn Mc Inerney, Andrés Zacarías, Ben Seamone, Virgélot Virgile. A method for eternally dominating strong grids
0 -- 0János Balogh, Cosmin Bonchis, Diana Dinis, Gabriel Istrate, Ioan Todinca. On the heapability of finite partial orders
0 -- 0Chunyan Yan, Zhicong Lin. Inversion sequences avoiding pairs of patterns
0 -- 0Hongliang Lu, Wei Wang, Juan Yan. Antifactors of regular bipartite graphs
0 -- 0Hanieh Amjadi, Nasrin Soltankhah. The 3-way flower intersection problem for Steiner triple systems
0 -- 0Pascal Caron, Edwin Hamel-De le Court, Jean-Gabriel Luque, Bruno Patrou. New tools for state complexity
0 -- 0Gülnaz Boruzanli Ekinci, John Baptist Gauci. The super-connectivity of Johnson graphs
0 -- 0Ruy Fabila Monroy, Carlos Hidalgo-Toscano, Jesús Leaños, Mario Lomelí-Haro. The Chromatic Number of the Disjointness Graph of the Double Chain
0 -- 0Aleksejs Naumovs, Maksims Dimitrijevs, Abuzer Yakaryilmaz. The minimal probabilistic and quantum finite automata recognizing uncountably many languages with fixed cutpoints
0 -- 0James D. Currie, Lucas Mol, Narad Rampersad. The repetition threshold for binary rich words
0 -- 0Winfried Hochstättler, Felix Schröder, Raphael Steiner. On the Complexity of Digraph Colourings and Vertex Arboricity
0 -- 0Jérémy Omer, Tangi Migot. Vertex order with optimal number of adjacent predecessors
0 -- 0Julien Bensmail, François Dross, Hervé Hocquard, Éric Sopena. From light edges to strong edge-colouring of 1-planar graphs