Journal: Decision Sciences

Volume 43, Issue 6

979 -- 1001Yuliang Yao, Yan Dong, Martin E. Dresner. Supply Chain Learning and Spillovers in Vendor Managed Inventory
1003 -- 1038Ruey-Jer "Bryan" Jean, Daekwan Kim, Rudolf R. Sinkovics. Drivers and Performance Outcomes of Supplier Innovation Generation in Customer-Supplier Relationships: The Role of Power-Dependence
1039 -- 1061Dan Ke, Sulin Ba, Jan Stallaert, Zhongju Zhang. An Empirical Analysis of Virtual Goods Permission Rights and Pricing Strategies
1063 -- 1089Tolga Aydinliyim, Michael S. Pangburn. Reducing Packaging Waste and Cost via Consumer Price Discounts
1091 -- 1124John D'Arcy, Sarv Devaraj. Employee Misuse of Information Technology Resources: Testing a Contemporary Deterrence Model
1131 -- 1139Asoo J. Vakharia. Acknowledgment to Guest Editors and Reviewers (2012)

Volume 43, Issue 5

737 -- 759Bobby J. Martens, Kevin P. Scheibe, Paul K. Bergey. Supply Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Decision Support System for Small-Scale Seed Entrepreneurs
761 -- 783Xinxin Li. Group Buying, Buyer Heterogeneity, and Sellers' Bargaining Power
785 -- 815Yongbo Xiao, Jian Chen. Supply Chain Management of Fresh Products with Producer Transportation
817 -- 850Gerard M. Campbell. On-Call Overtime for Service Workforce Scheduling when Demand Is Uncertain
851 -- 887Gensheng (Jason) Liu, Rachna Shah, Emin Babakus. When to Mass Customize: The Impact of Environmental Uncertainty
889 -- 928Liang-Chieh (Victor) Cheng, David E. Cantor, Martin E. Dresner, Curtis M. Grimm. The Impact of Contract Manufacturing on Inventory Performance: An Examination of U.S. Manufacturing Industries
929 -- 955Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu, Tung-Ching Lin, Kuang-Ting Cheng, Lars P. Linden. Reducing Requirement Incorrectness and Coping with Its Negative Impact in Information System Development Projects
957 -- 971Karolina J. Glowacka, Timothy J. Lowe, Richard E. Wendell. The Impact of Nonagility on Service Level and Project Duration

Volume 43, Issue 4

553 -- 588Thomas J. Kull, Ram Narasimhan, Roger G. Schroeder. Sustaining the Benefits of a Quality Initiative through Cooperative Values: A Longitudinal Study
589 -- 614Toyin Clottey, W. C. Benton Jr., Rajesh Srivastava. Forecasting Product Returns for Remanufacturing Operations
615 -- 660Qing Hu, Tamara Dinev, Paul J. Hart, Donna Cooke. Managing Employee Compliance with Information Security Policies: The Critical Role of Top Management and Organizational Culture
661 -- 686Tinglong Dai, Zhaolin Li, Daewon Sun. Equity-Based Incentives and Supply Chain Buy-Back Contracts
687 -- 710Christopher W. Zobel, Lara Khansa. Quantifying Cyberinfrastructure Resilience against Multi-Event Attacks
711 -- 728Jack R. Meredith, Umit Akinc. Dynamic Pricing and Demand Estimation for a Single Unique Asset

Volume 43, Issue 3

395 -- 436Oded Berman, Nima Sanajian, Hossein Abouee-Mehrizi. Do Shareholders Really Prefer Their Executives to Maximize the Equity Value? A Newsvendor Case
437 -- 458Ganesh Vaidyanathan, Sarv Devaraj, John D'Arcy. Does Security Impact E-procurement Performance? Testing a Model of Direct and Moderated Effects
459 -- 487Zhaolin Li, Daewon Sun. Acquisition and Disclosure of Operational Information
489 -- 524I-Chieh Hsu, Rajiv Sabherwal. Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management: An Empirical Investigation
525 -- 546Travis Tokar, John A. Aloysius, Matthew A. Waller. Supply Chain Inventory Replenishment: The Debiasing Effect of Declarative Knowledge

Volume 43, Issue 2

209 -- 211Asoo J. Vakharia. In this Issue
213 -- 240Gregory Dobson, Phillip J. Lederer, Lawrence W. Robinson. A Service Provider's Elicitation of Its Customers' Demand Distributions by a Price Mechanism
241 -- 272Tung-Ching Lin, Hsing Kenneth Cheng, Feng-Sheng Wang, Kuei-Jung Chang. A Study of Online Auction Sellers' Intention to Switch Platform: The Case of Yahoo!Kimo Versus Ruten_eBay
273 -- 302Adegoke Oke, Fred O. Walumbwa, Andrew Myers. Innovation Strategy, Human Resource Policy, and Firms' Revenue Growth: The Roles of Environmental Uncertainty and Innovation Performance
303 -- 339Siri Terjesen, Pankaj C. Patel, Nada R. Sanders. Managing Differentiation-Integration Duality in Supply Chain Integration
341 -- 367H. Sebastian Heese. Retail Strategies for Extended Warranty Sales and Impact on Manufacturer Base Warranties
369 -- 387Asoo J. Vakharia. Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Competition

Volume 43, Issue 1

1 -- 4Asoo J. Vakharia. In this Issue
5 -- 36Desheng Dash Wu, John R. Birge. Serial Chain Merger Evaluation Model and Application to Mortgage Banking
37 -- 72Tobias Schoenherr, Damien Power, Ram Narasimhan, Danny Samson. Competitive Capabilities among Manufacturing Plants in Developing, Emerging, and Industrialized Countries: A Comparative Analysis
73 -- 106Xiuli He, Anand Krishnamoorthy, Ashutosh Prasad, Suresh P. Sethi. Co-Op Advertising in Dynamic Retail Oligopolies
107 -- 140Yimin Wang. Capacity Investment Under Responsive Pricing: Implications of Market Entry Choice
141 -- 172Hong Guo, Hsing Kenneth Cheng, Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay. Net Neutrality, Broadband Market Coverage, and Innovation at the Edge
173 -- 206Antti Tenhiälä, Mikko Ketokivi. Order Management in the Customization-Responsiveness Squeeze