Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 17, Issue 4

553 -- 583Dongyu Chen, Xiaolin Li, Fujun Lai. Gender discrimination in online peer-to-peer credit lending: evidence from a lending platform in China
585 -- 608Bin Guo, Shasha Zhou. What makes population perception of review helpfulness: an information processing perspective
609 -- 626Qiuzhen Wang, Zhengmin Xu, Xiling Cui, Lei Wang, Chang Ouyang. Does a big Duchenne smile really matter on e-commerce websites? An eye-tracking study in China
627 -- 660Jhih-Hua Jhang-Li, Cheng-Wei Chang. Analyzing the operation of cloud supply chain: adoption barriers and business model
661 -- 700Carlos Orús, Raquel Gurrea, Carlos Flavián. Facilitating imaginations through online product presentation videos: effects on imagery fluency, product attitude and purchase intention
701 -- 720Carolina Herrando, Julio Jiménez Martínez, M. José Martín De Hoyos. Passion at first sight: how to engage users in social commerce contexts
721 -- 752Chenxu Ke, Bo Yan, Ruofan Xu. A group-buying mechanism for considering strategic consumer behavior

Volume 17, Issue 3

335 -- 359Jing Wu, He Li, Zhangxi Lin, Haichao Zheng. Competition in wearable device market: the effect of network externality and product compatibility
361 -- 377Chunmei Deng, Zhi Xiao, Ling Zhou. Information systems and internal control: evidence from China
379 -- 401Euripidis Loukis, Niki Kyriakou, Konstantinos Pazalos, Simona Popa. Inter-organizational innovation and cloud computing
403 -- 423Jinnan Wu, Nianxin Wang, Zhining Wang. Impact of information technology capability on financial performance during the period of economic downturn: the case of Chinese listed companies
425 -- 461Michael Kunz, Ulrich Bretschneider, Max Erler, Jan Marco Leimeister. An empirical investigation of signaling in reward-based crowdfunding
463 -- 494Nafiseh Shakiba, Mohammad-Ali Doostari, Mostafa Mohammadpourfard. ESIV: an end-to-end secure internet voting system
495 -- 519Han-Jen Niu. Cyber purchasing behavior of adolescents: family communication relationships and parental influence
521 -- 551Mona Gupta, Happy Mittal, Parag Singla, Amitabha Bagchi. Analysis and characterization of comparison shopping behavior in the mobile handset domain

Volume 17, Issue 2

185 -- 203Diana Walsh, James M. Parisi, Katia Passerini. Privacy as a right or as a commodity in the online world: the limits of regulatory reform and self-regulation
205 -- 226Yingsi Zhao, Yan-ping Liu, Qing-An Zeng. A weight-based item recommendation approach for electronic commerce systems
227 -- 254Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar. Policy makers' perceptions on the transformational effect of Web 2.0 technologies on public services delivery
255 -- 288Jian Mou, Dong-Hee Shin, Jason F. Cohen. Trust and risk in consumer acceptance of e-services
289 -- 316John H. Gerdes Jr., Chin-Tser Huang, Mohamed A. Sharaf. Incorporating biometrics into veiled certificates: preventing unauthorized use of anonymous certificates
317 -- 333Cesar Bandera. Value-added service providers for mobile education: empirical challenges and analytics

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 0Shaokun Fan, JingHua Xiao, Kang Xie, J. Leon Zhao. Introduction to the special issue of ECR on E-business innovation with big data
3 -- 29Yue Ma, Guoqing Chen, Qiang Wei. Finding users preferences from large-scale online reviews for personalized recommendation
31 -- 50Runyu Chen, Wei Xu. The determinants of online customer ratings: a combined domain ontology and topic text analytics approach
51 -- 81Long Song, Raymond Yiu-Keung Lau, Ron Chi-Wai Kwok, Kristijan Mirkovski, Wenyu Dou. Who are the spoilers in social media marketing? Incremental learning of latent semantics for social spam detection
83 -- 102Mengyue Wang, Xin Li 0004. Effects of the aesthetic design of icons on app downloads: evidence from an android market
103 -- 132Dong Wang, Jiexun Li, Kaiquan Xu, Yizhen Wu. Sentiment community detection: exploring sentiments and relationships in social networks
133 -- 147Kun Liang, Cuiqing Jiang, Zhangxi Lin, Weihong Ning, Zelin Jia. The nature of sellers' cyber credit in C2C e-commerce: the perspective of social capital
149 -- 167Kun Chen, Peng Luo, Huaiqing Wang. Investigating transitive influences on WOM: from the product network perspective
169 -- 183Xuemei Tian, Libo Liu. Does big data mean big knowledge? Integration of big data analysis and conceptual model for social commerce research