Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 20, Issue 3

475 -- 508Guo Li 0001, Hong Zheng, Mengqi Liu. Reselling or drop shipping: Strategic analysis of E-commerce dual-channel structures
509 -- 533Yang Qian, Yuanchun Jiang, Yanan Du, Jianshan Sun, Yezheng Liu. Segmenting market structure from multi-channel clickstream data: a novel generative model
535 -- 563Licai Lei, Shang Gao, Enyu Zeng. Regulation strategies of ride-hailing market in China: an evolutionary game theoretic perspective
565 -- 587Philip Andreas Weber, Nan Zhang, Haiming Wu. A comparative analysis of personal data protection regulations between the EU and China
589 -- 608Hailin Zhang, Xina Yuan, Tae Ho Song. Examining the role of the marketing activity and eWOM in the movie diffusion: the decomposition perspective
609 -- 628Xiaoyu Li, Jiahong Yuan, Yan Shi, Tianteng Wang, Xiangpei Hu, Felix Tung Sun Chan, Junhu Ruan. An extended Bass Model on consumer quantity of B2C commerce platforms
629 -- 649Yue Guo, Fu Xin, Xiaotong Li. The market impacts of sharing economy entrants: evidence from USA and China
651 -- 677Wei Han. The analysis on Chinese e-commerce tax losses based on the perspective of information asymmetry

Volume 20, Issue 2

223 -- 240Alaa Shoukry, Fares Aldeek. Attributes prediction from IoT consumer reviews in the hotel sectors using conventional neural network: deep learning techniques
241 -- 258Sadaf Shamshoddin, Jameel Khader, Showkat Gani. Predicting consumer preferences in electronic market based on IoT and Social Networks using deep learning based collaborative filtering techniques
259 -- 274Sunita Dhote, Chandan Vichoray, Rupesh Pais, S. Baskar 0002, P. Mohamed Shakeel. Hybrid geometric sampling and AdaBoost based deep learning approach for data imbalance in E-commerce
275 -- 295Zhizhong Lei. Research and analysis of deep learning algorithms for investment decision support model in electronic commerce
297 -- 320Hong Pan, Hanxun Zhou. Study on convolutional neural network and its application in data mining and sales forecasting for E-commerce
321 -- 342Lichun Zhou. Product advertising recommendation in e-commerce based on deep learning and distributed expression
343 -- 360Huosong Xia, Yitai Yang, Xiaoting Pan, Zuopeng Justin Zhang, Wuyue An. Sentiment analysis for online reviews using conditional random fields and support vector machines
361 -- 379Taewon Suh, Seok Kang, Elyria A. Kemp. A Bayesian network approach to juxtapose brand engagement and behaviors of substantive interest in e-services
381 -- 403Deepak Lamba, Devendra Kumar Yadav, Akhilesh Barve, Ganapati Panda. Prioritizing barriers in reverse logistics of E-commerce supply chain using fuzzy-analytic hierarchy process
405 -- 426Yongcong Luo, Jing Ma, Chi Li. Entity name recognition of cross-border e-commerce commodity titles based on TWs-LSTM
427 -- 452Xiaomin Zhao, Shuhui Hu, Xiaoxiao Meng. Who should pay for return freight in the online retailing? Retailers or consumers
453 -- 474Zhao Jiang, Wu Dan, Liu Jie. Distinct role of targeting precision of Internet-based targeted advertising in duopolistic e-business firms' heterogeneous consumers market

Volume 20, Issue 1

1 -- 0J. Christopher Westland. Introduction to the special issue: electronic commerce in social networks
3 -- 19Ling Zhang, Manman Luo, Robert J. Boncella. Product information diffusion in a social network
21 -- 52Erbao Cao, He Li. Group buying and consumer referral on a social network
53 -- 80Xusen Cheng, Yu Gu 0013, Jian Mou. Interpersonal relationship building in social commerce communities: considering both swift guanxi and relationship commitment
81 -- 118Qing Zhu, Renxian Zuo, Shan Liu, Fan Zhang. Online dynamic group-buying community analysis based on high frequency time series simulation
119 -- 146Woojin Jung, Seungjun Yang, Hee-Woong Kim. Design of sweepstakes-based social media marketing for online customer engagement
147 -- 172Jianshan Sun, Rongrong Ying, Yuanchun Jiang, Jianmin He, Zhengping Ding. Leveraging friend and group information to improve social recommender system
173 -- 196Jian Mou, J. Christopher Westland, Tuan Quang Phan, Tianhui Tan. Microlending on mobile social credit platforms: an exploratory study using Philippine loan contracts
197 -- 222Liu Yuan, Zhao Huang, Wei Zhao, Pavel Stakhiyevich. Interpreting and predicting social commerce intention based on knowledge graph analysis