Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 22, Issue 6

1665 -- 1741Gilad Lerman, Yunpeng Shi. Robust Group Synchronization via Cycle-Edge Message Passing
1743 -- 1765Paul Breiding, F. Sottile, J. Woodcock. Euclidean Distance Degree and Mixed Volume
1767 -- 1799De Huang, Jonathan Niles-Weed, Joel A. Tropp, Rachel Ward. Matrix Concentration for Products
1801 -- 1862Evelyne Hubert, Michael F. Singer. Sparse Interpolation in Terms of Multivariate Chebyshev Polynomials
1863 -- 1922Tiangang Cui, Sergey Dolgov. Deep Composition of Tensor-Trains Using Squared Inverse Rosenblatt Transports
1923 -- 1960Francisco Criado, Michael Joswig, Francisco Santos. Tropical Bisectors and Voronoi Diagrams

Volume 22, Issue 5

1273 -- 1308Alexandre Ern, Jean-Luc Guermond. Quasi-optimal Nonconforming Approximation of Elliptic PDEs with Contrasted Coefficients and $$H^{1+{r}}$$, $${r}>0$$, Regularity
1309 -- 1350Tom Lyche, Carla Manni, Hendrik Speleers. Construction of $$C^2$$ Cubic Splines on Arbitrary Triangulations
1351 -- 1394Erlend Skaldehaug Riis, Matthias J. Ehrhardt, G. R. W. Quispel, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb. A Geometric Integration Approach to Nonsmooth, Nonconvex Optimisation
1395 -- 1462Saugata Basu, Cordian Riener. Vandermonde Varieties, Mirrored Spaces, and the Cohomology of Symmetric Semi-algebraic Sets
1463 -- 1512Simon Brandhorst, Ichiro Shimada. Automorphism Groups of Certain Enriques Surfaces
1513 -- 1566Marco Mondelli, Christos Thrampoulidis, Ramji Venkataramanan. Optimal Combination of Linear and Spectral Estimators for Generalized Linear Models
1567 -- 1629Radu Bot, Guozhi Dong, Peter Elbau, Otmar Scherzer. Convergence Rates of First- and Higher-Order Dynamics for Solving Linear Ill-Posed Problems
1631 -- 1664Yuliy Baryshnikov, Stephen Melczer, Robin Pemantle. Stationary Points at Infinity for Analytic Combinatorics

Volume 22, Issue 4

905 -- 966Martin Hutzenthaler, Arnulf Jentzen, Thomas Kruse. Overcoming the Curse of Dimensionality in the Numerical Approximation of Parabolic Partial Differential Equations with Gradient-Dependent Nonlinearities
967 -- 1012Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, Mathijs Wintraecken. The Topological Correctness of PL Approximations of Isomanifolds
1013 -- 1067Fei Lu 0016, Mauro Maggioni, Sui Tang. Learning Interaction Kernels in Stochastic Systems of Interacting Particles from Multiple Trajectories
1069 -- 1131Jacob Leygonie, Steve Oudot, Ulrike Tillmann. A Framework for Differential Calculus on Persistence Barcodes
1133 -- 1169Jiawang Nie, Zi Yang, GuangMing Zhou. The Saddle Point Problem of Polynomials
1171 -- 1217Peiran Yu, Guoyin Li 0001, Ting Kei Pong. Kurdyka-Łojasiewicz Exponent via Inf-projection
1219 -- 1271Guido Montúfar, Yu Guang Wang 0001. Distributed Learning via Filtered Hyperinterpolation on Manifolds

Volume 22, Issue 3

607 -- 648Albert Cohen 0002, Ronald A. DeVore, Guergana Petrova, Przemyslaw Wojtaszczyk. Optimal Stable Nonlinear Approximation
649 -- 695Adrien Laurent, Gilles Vilmart. Order Conditions for Sampling the Invariant Measure of Ergodic Stochastic Differential Equations on Manifolds
697 -- 731Jonathan Ben-Artzi, Marco Marletta, Frank Rösler. Computing the Sound of the Sea in a Seashell
733 -- 755Adrian Celestino, Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard, Frédéric Patras, Daniel Perales. Cumulant-Cumulant Relations in Free Probability Theory from Magnus' Expansion
757 -- 790Nicolas Guigui, Xavier Pennec. Numerical Accuracy of Ladder Schemes for Parallel Transport on Manifolds
791 -- 847Alejandra González, Àlex Haro, Rafael de La Llave. Efficient and Reliable Algorithms for the Computation of Non-Twist Invariant Circles
849 -- 873Ilia Binder, Adi Glucksam, Cristobal Rojas, Michael Yampolsky. Computability in Harmonic Analysis
875 -- 903Alice Cortinovis, Daniel Kressner. On Randomized Trace Estimates for Indefinite Matrices with an Application to Determinants

Volume 22, Issue 2

315 -- 364Ellya L. Kawecki, Iain Smears. 0-Interior Penalty Finite Element Methods for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman and Isaacs Equations
365 -- 387Mareike Dressler, Adam Kurpisz, Timo de Wolff. Optimization Over the Boolean Hypercube Via Sums of Nonnegative Circuit Polynomials
389 -- 443José A. Carrillo, Katy Craig, Li Wang, Chaozhen Wei. Primal Dual Methods for Wasserstein Gradient Flows
445 -- 468Nicolas Nagel, Martin Schäfer, Tino Ullrich. A New Upper Bound for Sampling Numbers
469 -- 475Ziga Virk. A Counter-Example to Hausmann's Conjecture
477 -- 506Gianluca Frasca Caccia, Peter E. Hydon. A New Technique for Preserving Conservation Laws
507 -- 560Albert S. Berahas, Liyuan Cao, Krzysztof Choromanski, Katya Scheinberg. A Theoretical and Empirical Comparison of Gradient Approximations in Derivative-Free Optimization
561 -- 606Damek Davis, Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy. Proximal Methods Avoid Active Strict Saddles of Weakly Convex Functions

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 34Anat Amir, David Levin, Francis J. Narcowich, Joseph D. Ward. Meshfree Extrapolation with Application to Enhanced Near-Boundary Approximation with Local Lagrange Kernels
35 -- 76Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Saeed Ghadimi. Zeroth-Order Nonconvex Stochastic Optimization: Handling Constraints, High Dimensionality, and Saddle Points
77 -- 97Daouda Niang Diatta, Antonio Lerario. Low-Degree Approximation of Random Polynomials
99 -- 159Ben Adcock, Simone Brugiapaglia, Matthew King-Roskamp. Do Log Factors Matter? On Optimal Wavelet Approximation and the Foundations of Compressed Sensing
161 -- 209Matteo Tacchi, Tillmann Weißer, Jean-Bernard Lasserre, Didier Henrion. Exploiting Sparsity for Semi-Algebraic Set Volume Computation
211 -- 256James Renegar, Benjamin Grimmer. A Simple Nearly Optimal Restart Scheme For Speeding Up First-Order Methods
257 -- 311Fernando de Terán, Christian Mehl, Volker Mehrmann. Low-Rank Perturbation of Regular Matrix Pencils with Symmetry Structures
313 -- 314Albert Cohen 0002, Wolfgang Dahmen, Hans Z. Munthe-Kaas, Martín Sombra, Ágnes Szántó. Correction to: Preface