Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 11, Issue 4

235 -- 261Alison Adam. Computer ethics in a different voice
263 -- 288Niall Hayes, Geoff Walsham. Participation in groupware-mediated communities of practice: a socio-political analysis of knowledge working

Volume 11, Issue 3

157 -- 186Monica Divitini, Carla Simone. A computational model of communication for reducing linguistic opacity based on the language-action perspective
187 -- 206Jonny Holmström, Felix Stalder. Drifting technologies and multi-purpose networks: the case of the Swedish cashcard
207 -- 234Tero Päivärinta. The concept of genre within the critical approach to information systems development

Volume 11, Issue 2

79 -- 101Niall Hayes. Boundless and bounded interactions in the knowledge work process: the role of groupware technologies
103 -- 128John Mingers. Embodying information systems: the contribution of phenomenology
129 -- 156Neil C. Ramiller. The 'textual attitude' and new technology

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 2Daniel Robey. Information and Organization, Vol. 11, No. 1 (2001)
3 -- 23Richard J. Boland Jr.. The tyranny of space in organizational analysis
25 -- 43Brian Nicholson, Sundeep Sahay. Some political and cultural issues in the globalisation of software development: case experience from Britain and India
45 -- 77Ulrike Schultze, Wanda J. Orlikowski. Metaphors of virtuality: shaping an emergent reality