Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 14, Issue 4

237 -- 267Wendy L. Currie. The organizing vision of application service provision: a process-oriented analysis
269 -- 295Shirin Madon, Sundeep Sahay, Jyotsna Sahay. Implementing property tax reforms in Bangalore: an actor-network perspective
297 -- 327Gloria Mark, Steven E. Poltrock. Groupware adoption in a distributed organization: transporting and transforming technology through social worlds
329 -- 365Brian Nicholson, Sundeep Sahay. Embedded knowledge and offshore software development

Volume 14, Issue 3

155 -- 188Mike W. Chiasson, Elizabeth Davidson. Pushing the contextual envelope: developing and diffusing IS theory for health information systems research
189 -- 210David Wastell, Peter Kawalek, Peter Langmead-Jones, Rob Ormerod. Information systems and partnership in multi-agency networks: an action research project in crime reduction
211 -- 236Detlev Zwick, Nikhilesh Dholakia. Consumer subjectivity in the Age of Internet: the radical concept of marketing control through customer relationship management

Volume 14, Issue 2

85 -- 86Daniel Robey. Introduction to Critical Realism
87 -- 103J. Mingers. Real-izing information systems: critical realism as an underpinning philosophy for information systems
105 -- 121Emmanuel Monod. Einstein, Heisenberg, Kant: methodological distinction and conditions of possibilities
123 -- 144Heinz K. Klein. Seeking the new and the critical in critical realism: déjà vu?
145 -- 153J. Mingers. Critical realism and information systems: brief responses to Monod and Klein

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 26Roxanne Zolin, Pamela J. Hinds, Renate Fruchter, Raymond E. Levitt. Interpersonal trust in cross-functional, geographically distributed work: A longitudinal study
27 -- 58Youngjin Yoo, Maryam Alavi. Emergent leadership in virtual teams: what do emergent leaders do?
59 -- 81Niki Panteli. Discursive articulations of presence in virtual organizing